How to Wear Full Skirts

How to Wear Full Skirts

how to wear full skirts
Bored of the pencil skirts? Then new skirt silhouette is full, bouncy and fun! Full skirts have a very vintage look and are a good around the year piece of clothing. Full skirts are a little tricky to pull off than a-lines. A perfect waist and toned legs area must for this one. Also, the cut has to be chosen very carefully. Read our few tips on how to wear full skirts:

Length: length is a critical factor with this one. If its too long you will look like 1950s bride and if its too short you will end up looking like a cheerleader. Ideally, one should go for knee length or slightly below that. But if you can pull off shorter version of the skirt, then lucky you!!

Fabric: teens and girls would look adorable in layered sheer fabric skirts. For a formal look you can go for khaki twill or crisp linen. For evenings and occasions, you can go for silk shantung in a dark jewel tone. For college and day out, put on florals or full skirts with lace or bead detailings.

Tops: a full skirt will accentuate your waist. So choose a tucked in cotton top/shirt or cropped top that ends just at the waistband of the skirt. A loud belt will be overkill.

Shoes: for a vintage look you can go in for mules. For office wear try oxfords with heels. For casual wear, choose smart strappy wedges. Ankle length boots are the best options for winters.

Accessories: adding a belt would be an overkill since the waist is already accentuated. Limit the jewellery to minimum. A strict no to long neck pieces. Stockings look extra cute with these skirts.

Yay and Nay:
kareena sony vaio
1. Kareena Kapoor (above)in the new VAIO ad. She looks like a demented adult wearing a girl’s frock. The length of her skirt is too short for her body. Suzzane Roshan (below) wears a full skirt that ends way above her knees but her doll like figure is perfect for it. The picture doesn’t do justice to this gorgeous dress she wore for the Charcoal Project.
suzanne hritik

2. Alexa Chung who alwas manages to get things right way before anyone else, looks ghastly in this outfit. She paired a perfectly nice white full skirt with a loose unstructured white top and an unstructured jacket- yuck! As oppesed to Keira Knightley who dared to put on black top with dark blue full skirt. Although she is wearing a loose top, but its not unstructured and the belt makes it work- yay!
alexa chung keira knightley

Full Skirts for Office Wear

skirt office Wear

Full Skirts for Evening Wear

skirt evening Wear

Full Skirts for Casual Look

skirt casual Wear

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22 thoughts on “How to Wear Full Skirts

  1. Kareena Kapoor (above)in the new VAIO ad. She looks like a demented adult wearing a girl’s frock. :lol2:
    yes yes..i agree 😀

  2. Nice read! Thank you for the tips in this, I’ve such skinny legs that I never dare to wear fluffy skirts but I might just try something now with stockings or some such 🙂 I do have a question though, where can I buy a nice full skirt or a maxi skirt in India? Apart from designer stores like Louis Vuitton (quite unaffordable) is there anywhere else in India that they are actually selling affordable, fashionable and feminine garments? Please do enlighten!!!

    1. Hey Shivangi! i ve seen full skirts at FCUK and Vero Moda. i got mine from Mango. i think you should wait for the sale season to get over and then check out these places and Forever21, Marks and Spencer, Zara. you didnt mention where do you put up in India. im sure there must be a flea market somewhere around your place. if you are in Delhi and if you have the patience then check out Sarojni Nagar for sure. i manage to find the cutest outfits there!

      1. Oh ok….at one point of time, even i wanted to study mass comm but i guess i was destined to be an MBA :)) doing Phd rite now.

  3. Thanks Ashima 🙂 I’m a Dilli ki lakdi too 😀 Nice to make your acquaintance! However, just moved to my husband’s hometown- Bangalore and don’t know anything about shopping destinations here. Maybe I’ll just go online and check out or some such. Have you tried that site? It’s pretty awesome. Ciao!

  4. vero moda, only falgships are ther in Brigade road shivangi :)) no zara in blore 🙁
    you ll find FCUK in a lot of malls.. try the 100ft Ring road , indiranagar… the whole road is filled with designer stores and brand outlets, factory outlets, im sure You ll get there.
    Or else Lyfestyle is always there to save the day! hope this helps!

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