How To Wear Neon Colors: Neon Makeup and Costume Ideas

How To Wear Neon Colors: Neon Makeup and Costume Ideas 

Would you call neon colors fashion faux pas anymore? Definitely not! With the endless series of experiments with costumes, accessories, colors and makeup in neon colors, neon costume and makeup ideas constitute the hottest trend of the season! Want to know the nuances of how to wear neon colors? Here is an article which I hope would be of help to you!

How To Wear Neon Colors Neon Makeup and Costume Ideas

How To Wear Neon:  Guiding Principles and Steps

  • What’s the event? Of course, the event is a great determining factor since neons are too bright to be worn to certain places and occasions. For instance, if you are a teacher, you might really feel awkward when you wear neon to school and the kids look at you like they have never seen you before! Neon is NEVER a good idea if you are visiting someone’s funeral. On the other hand, you can very well wear neon to parties and be the center of attraction!!
  • What is your color? Neons are often “loud” and hence, choose colors which you think suits your personality. Whether it is tangy orange or a vibrant pink, florescent green or electric blue, for a neon color which you can carry with confidence.
  • Which shade is the best? The neon color you choose may have hundreds of shades; see which one matches your purpose and preference.
  • Matching it right: Mix and match the colors. If you are not comfortable wearing neons from head to toe (which is again not desired as well), keep it simple. Mix it up with dark pastel shades so that the neon stands out and yet does not feel too “neon!!”
  • Neon accessories: Get hold of neon accessories like shoes and bags in neon colors. You can also choose to paint your nail, lips or eyes in neon colors.
  • Get that NEON feeling: Neon is bright color and stands for a happy and jolly mood! Feel happy, feel Neon!

Neon Green

How To Wear Neon Makeup:  Tips and Ideas

    • Apply foundation on your face and sweep some translucent powder on the face.
    • Apply some florescent eyes shadow (pink is a safe neon shade) on your eyelids. You can pair a fluorescent color in contrasting shade, say bright yellow eye shadow, in your eyes’ inner corners only.

Neon Green

  • Apply eyeliner in black color if you want to keep it to bare minimum. Go for electric blue or green for a more daring neon look. Load your eyelashes with black mascara.
  • Sweep some pink blush across your cheeks.
  • Apply a nude lipstick shade. If you have put less focus on your eyes, paint your lips in neon pink shade.

How To Wear Neon:  Tips

  • Avoid going neon in clothes, makeup and accessories all together. It would lead up to imparting a clownish look!
  • Accessories play and vital role in accentuating neon dress and makeup.
  • For shy people who want to start experimenting with neon colors, it is better to start off with neon shades in the lower half of your body. Get leggings and shoes in neon for beginners, paint toe nails in shades of neon. You can also want to try out neon shades for your bags to accentuate monochromatic outfits.
  • For the fun-loving and the bold, neon can be worn on upper half of your body, even on your face in the form of neon makeup.
  • For a daring attempt in neon, place a piece of clothing in neon color on your favorite body part. For instance, you can put on a neon scarf on your hair in a stylish way or wear neon stole to give a new dimension to your looks.
  • When it comes to makeup, it is good to focus one feature with neon colors and keep the rest neutral.
  • If you want to add some glittery effect, choose neon makeup with glitters, say eyes shadow, lip color or eye liner.
  • Keep it simple and avoid overdoing neon.

How To Wear Neon:  My Selections

  • Pink, I feel, is a safe neon color. Not only is it bright and extremely attractive, but it also makes you look dazzling without that outrageous effect! Though I have almost everything in shades of florescent pink, starting from nail polish and lipstick to bags, shoes, leggings and stoles, here are a few of those I would like to showcase:

1. My stunning neon pink stole:

Pink Stole

2. My huge neon pink bag:

Pink Bag

3. My neon pink shoes, which I wear when I take this neon bag:

Pink Shoes

    • I love sarees and I wanted something in neon. Green was a good choice but to drape yourself from head to toe (that’s what a saree does) in florescent green takes a lot of doing! So, I chose a toned down shade of neon green, which looks bright yet soothing to the eyes, with borders of glittery silver and a net “pallu” to disperse the “complete neon” effect! I generally wear it with delicate stone jewellery.

Green Saree

  • Finally, like a true neon lover, I got my new Nokia Asha mobile phone in a vibrant shade of neon green.

Nokia Asha

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21 thoughts on “How To Wear Neon Colors: Neon Makeup and Costume Ideas

  1. wow! what a read! 😀 i guess now i can venture more into the neon world apart from my nailpolishes! thanx dear 🙂

    1. hey Neha!! dat isnt dat tough !!! i used to be self conscious too initially! its best u start off with bags, shoes and nail paints 🙂 🙂

    2. hey Neha!! it isnt dat tough !!! i used to be self conscious too initially! its best u start off with bags, shoes and nail paints 🙂 🙂

  2. awww those are such cute slippers somreeta. 🙂 I like neons. I would just like to add that you can pair neons with whites,creams, blacks and greys as well. They look pretty nice with neutrals. 🙂

    1. thankkkkkk u Rati 🙂 this is one of my favorite shoes 🙂 🙂
      yep…..they look very nice with neutrals 🙂 most f the time, i match my pick stuff with black 🙂

  3. i haven’t yet bought neon colored clothes but i also got my phone’s back cover in cute neon pink 😉 and i love it 😛
    love neon nail paints too 🙂

  4. I love ur articles…u made me fall in love with neon…as i dusky so i feel its safe away from neon…however i was recently gifted a neon nail paint in pink…simply want to try that now

    1. aww Sakhi!!! thanks dear 🙂 im sure, u would love d neon nail paint. as a starter, try shades like pink and orange. as for dressing part, try soft neon colored stoles in single shades and see how u like them! try neon bags too! there is nothing like dusky or fail complexion…….just be confdnt and rock!!!

  5. I just bought a neon pink sari yesterday for my wedding reception! Really confused about what kind of makeup will go with it…since my sari is such a loud color, what will be the best shades to use in my makeup?

  6. Firstly given the season, I think Neon colors would just help brighten up the day anyways 🙂 Also, I used to think neon colors were only meant for kids since it was all bright and chirpy but after seeing all these posts of late, i think its super fun to have neon into our wardrobes too..such a great time to be a woman!!! nice post Somreeta.

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