How to Wear Plaid (Tartan) Pattern

Tartan Check Western Shirt
Tartan Check Western Shirt

When you think of plaid you think of a cowboy or a lumberjack right? Well, there’s no denying that this fashion trend was initially very masculine, and even today you have to know how to wear it right to avoid looking like you’re missing a moustache and axe. Well, in this article I am gonna give a brief on wearing and choosing the right tartan for yourself.

Tartan shirts are the easiest to pull off. And no matter what they tell you about dressing ‘up’ a tartan shirt, it’s hard! They really are daytime wear and are best worn over a pair of fitted jeans or short denim shorts to give you a sexy chic look. Stay clear of the boots unless you’re going to the rodeo!

First, you need to choose a plaid pattern which suits your body structure. There are these huge tartan patterns and similarly small and elegant ones.
• If you are meek and tiny, do not opt for bright and bold plaids; choose the tiny plaid patterns in neutral colors.
• On the contrary if you are tall opt for bolder plaids.

Always remember to keep the plaid subtle; never ever match plaid shirts with plaid bottoms. Too much of plaid is simply very distracting and irritating.

Tartan Plaid Halter Corset
Tartan Plaid Halter Corset

You can have a plaid coat which is sleek and well fitted as one of the most versatile wardrobe purchases.

Plaid accessories are always great and safe. A plaid handbag, belt or hair band is always a great pick just to add a touch of plaid to your wardrobe.

Plaid shoes teamed with a casual look are always safe and trendy.

Tunics are the more versatile option of the tartan shirt. You can wear a tunic over tights to give it a more modern feel or hug your waist with a simple belt to show off your figure and break the intensity of the tartan.

The fact that plaid has been incorporated into so many schoolgirl uniforms goes to show that it does have a something smart about it. And if you hike up the length of a schoolgirl plaid skirt, wear a pair of dark tights under them and get out your

Tartan Tulip Skirt
Tartan Tulip Skirt

sexiest boots, you’ve got one of the hottest plaid looks going for you. They’re not called schoolgirl fantasies for nothing!

If you’re a hardcore plaid fan, I suspect you’ll want to buy a pair of tartan trousers as well. I can’t stop you because I’m a plaid fan myself but I suggest that you be careful.

Avoid plaid bottoms. Very few people can actually carry plaid bottoms successfully. Yes a plaid skirt would be great, but think before you get plaid bottoms. Tartan trousers aren’t for everyone. If you aren’t careful you could end up looking like you’re wearing your grandfather’s castoffs!

The only way to wear tartan trousers is to wear them skinny. So if you’ve got bulky legs or don’t look good in skinny jeans, you’re just going to have taken this item of

Pink Tartan Houndstooth
Pink Tartan Houndstooth

clothing out of your shopping cart. However, if you belong to those lucky 5% that actually can carry off tartan trousers, then do it right. Your tartan trousers have enough going on without you bringing out your crazy hats and bling jewelry.  So keep your outfit down to a minimal and let the plaids do all the work.

If you’re still wary about wearing plaids, then I have one word for you ‘color’. Stay away from the dull, mundane colors  and wear brighter colors such as pink, green and purple. Believe you me, no lumberjack or cowboy would have been caught dead wearing a pink and purple plaids shirt!

If you’re still not convinced, start small. Wear plaids in the detailing. Get a plaid scarf, bangle, or even socks and then when you’re comfortable come back to this article and read again from the top.


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  1. i LOOOOOOOOOOOVE plaid !!! whether its skirts or pants or shirts or caps or hairbands… just about anything !!! in fact i’m wearing a plaid knee-length pants RIGHT NOW hehehehe
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  3. I love plaid shirts…aah they’re my new crush 😀 😀
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