How to Wear Saree for College Farewell

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Since college farewell is once in a lifetime event and marks the end of student life and start of a professional career, it makes sense to make your college farewell a memorable one. Today, I am back with an article on how to wear saree for college farewell. Stay tuned for some amazing tips and tricks.

Try a statement blouse/neckline

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If you have got the curves and a great body, nothing better than a statement blouse to show it off. You can experiment with a ton of different neckline options, latkans and even wear a dressy crop top instead of a traditional blouse. The options are endless to choose from and you certainly will be spoilt for choices in this department. Also, if your blouse is fancy enough you can go light with the rest of your attire and even wear a plain solid colour saree.

Experiment with drapes

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If you don’t drape your saree properly, even the classiest expensive designer saree that stole your heart at the first sight will end up looking trashy. Therefore, it is important to get the drape of your saree correct; you should take the help of a professional if need be. Also, there’s no rule which says that you should stick with conventional ways of draping saree. There are a ton of different draping styles to choose and style from. Therefore, choose wisely according to what suits your body and needs.

Quirky prints and colours

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It’s easy to experiment with bold prints and quirky colours when you are young and carefree. Therefore, shed all your inhibitions and don’t shy away from bold and sexy prints and hues. However, there is a thin line between looking sexy and playful and over-the-top, so make sure to not cross that line.

Play up your look with some timeless pieces

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Jewellery plays an important role when it comes to pulling off a traditional saree look. However, there is no hard and fast rule which might be a deciding factor regarding which pieces you should pick. You can go for traditional chokers and golden jhumkas or even pearl chandbaalis and funky neck pieces.

Choose the right kind of footwear

Choosing the right kind of footwear is as important as choosing the saree itself. Therefore, you should pick them carefully after weighing the pros and cons. Ideally, you should stay away from anything that restricts movement and is sure to tire you soon. Choose something which is stylish yet comfortable so that you can look pretty and enjoy the event at the same time.

Put on makeup sparingly

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Don’t go overboard with your makeup and stick to some light foundation, lipstick, gloss, kohl and eyeliner. Also, stay away from any shimmer and glitter in your makeup as they end up looking tacky and chunky during day functions.

Choose the fabric wisely

Choose the fabric of your saree according to the weather. Another factor which might come to play while choosing the fabric of your saree if how nicely you are able to drape it. If you are a novice stick with easy fabrics like georgette and ditch anything made of pure cotton or elaborate silk.

Plan out your look at least 2 weeks before the big day

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Plan your outfit at least 2 weeks before your farewell so that you don’t have to engage in any last minute shopping and worry yourself to death. If you have everything sorted out in advance, you will be relatively tension free when the event comes and will be able to enjoy it to the fullest.

That’s all for today, girls. Hope this helps.

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