How to Wear Scarf, How to Tie Scarf

How to Wear a Scarf

Personal style takes careful preparation. An accessory- which is often neglected and overlooked- you can add to your personal style is a scarf. Yep. How many of them do you have anyway? Well get as many as you can because we discovered a lot of cool ways you can use a scarf.

As Neckwear

There are lots of different ways you can wear a scarf but you shall see most girls wearing them around the neck. A scarf well worn around the neck gives a sophisticated look to a girl, even if she is wearing it as a casual wear. In the adjacent photograph notice how normal the dress would look without the scarf. So get out that scarf and wrap it around your neck. Wear it knotted, looped or as a neckkerchief.

As Headband

Tie your hair in a ponytail, fold a long scarf as thin as you want your headband to be, place the middle of the scarf on the top of your head, tie the ends below your ponytail, open the ponytail and let your hair loose. You are fit to go!

scarf headband
scarf headband

As Bandana

Need a protection for hair from sun and dust while going out? No need to look unstylish if you do. Fold a scarf in a triangle or a rectangular wide section and place the middle of the scarf at the start of your hairline. Tie the ends at the back of your nape below the hair. Wear some modern casual outfit to go along with the look.

scarf bandana
scarf bandana

As Wristband

Wrap a small scarf around your wirst and wear it with your tee shirts, half or full sleeves, or jackets.

As Belt

Tie a long, thin, bright and bold scarf around your waist to go along with your light shaded dresses. Don’t tie the knot in the middle but to one side of your body. It would look stylish with either jeans or trousers.

scarf wristband
scarf wristband

As Purse Tie

Well you are ready for the party or for a walk in the mall. But nothing outstanding about today’s wear. Well, bring out that scarf and tie it around your purse. Just for a change add an extra look today!

As Torso Wrap

Fold the scarf as a long sash, wrap around your torso and tie with a big bow in front to form a bandeau.

scarf belt
scarf belt

As Halter Top

Fold a large scarf into a triangle and tie a knot near the apex of the triangle so that some small ends hang out. Place the knot below your Adams apple and tie the ends behind your neck. Wrap the other two ends forming the base around your waist and tie them at the back.

As Skirt

Use two scarves, one wrapped around and tied at the side of the waise and the other wrapped and tied over one hip, to creating a poolside skirt.

scarf as skirt, purse tie and halter top
scarf as skirt, purse tie and halter top

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29 thoughts on “How to Wear Scarf, How to Tie Scarf

  1. I recently got this Mor Mor scarf.. It comes with a dvd explaining the different ways you can wear a scarf.. It’s sooo kewl 😀

    Awesome post.. Perfect timing while I have been experimenting with my scarf 🙂

  2. Odd confession time : Never worn a scarf in my life!
    Well atleast now I’d know what to do with it!

    @ Priya You scarf came with a DVD 😯
    I think I’m still stuck in 1999…

  3. Yup… You guys should check it online… I just got it this weekend and I’ve been sooo excited abt it… I’ve been watchin the video and trying to experiment like them!!!

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