How to Wear a Silicone Bra Safely

I am back with another article on “How to wear a silicone bra safely”. Since silicon bras are much in vogue these days and really multi-purpose, this article should come in handy!

How to Wear a Silicone Bra Safely

For the uninitiated, silicone bras are strapless, backless, self adhesive and self supportive bras that are made up of a special gel called silicon that looks seamless and gives your breasts a smoother finish. You can wear silicone bras with a number of outfits that have deep cut back or front and require strapless or backless bras.

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When silicone bras are a great alternative to ordinary bras for special occasions and events, you should also remember that these kinds of bras are not suitable for everyday use and should be used as less often as possible. However, if you cannot ditch silicon bras completely and still have to wear them often, today we will be listing some tips and tricks that will help you in cutting down the damage to bare minimum. Stay tuned!

1. Wear it for a Shorter Duration:

Using silicone cups made of low quality silicone can lead to skin rashes and irritation therefore, choose a decent quality bra and wear it for a shorter period of time only. Also, experts advice that you wear silicone bras for not more than 8 hours at a stretch as wearing it for longer than this period can lead to rashes, as the bra is essentially glued to your skin using adhesives. Silicone is not very porous and can cause serious breathability issues, if used for longer periods of time.

2. Wear the Right Size:

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Always wear the right size bra, be it silicon or not. Choosing a wrong sized bra not only leads to discomfort but looks unshapely as well. Therefore, get yourself measured at the store before investing in a high quality silicone bra. Otherwise, you should get your bust measured every 6 months and buy bras accordingly.

3. Do Not Moisturise Beforehand:

Avoid moisturizing your breasts before putting on a silicone bra as applying lotions or body oils may cause issues in sticking the bra on and it may also tend to come off more easily. Also, putting a silicone bra after moisturizing leads to a lot of tugging and pulling and can lead to stretch marks in the long run.

4. Keep it Clean:

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Since a silicone bra is essentially made out of plastic and silicon, there are more chances of dust, dirt and sweat sticking onto it, which further increases the chances of bacterial growth. Therefore, you should clean your bra after every use or a couple of uses with a mild shampoo/body wash/soap and lukewarm water. This will help in disinfecting your bra and cut down the chances of you getting bacterial and fungal infections.

5. Check for Leakages:

Never wear a silicone bra that has a leakage or is showing the signs of being worn out. Silicone leakages pose great risks to health and bras with such leakages should be discarded at once. To be on the safe side and avoid leakages, you should replace your silicon bras regularly and not let them get really old.

6. Choose Silicone Bras that have Extensions:

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Some silicone bras have slight extensions on their side that makes it more comfortable to put on and wear for longer hours. Also, these bras give bustier girls a better support, hold and provide a more secure feeling while sporting daring dresses and outfits.

That’s all for today girlies. Hope this helps.

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