What to Wear to Look Skinny

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There is a part of us which isn’t satisfied no matter what. We all should be confident about our shape and size and love ourselves unconditionally and that’s when we’ll be happy with ourselves. But today I’m going to share some tips on what you can do to make yourself look skinner.

Here’s a list of clothing that’ll help us to accentuate our figure while looking slim.


1) The Peplum: It’ll create the illusion of slimmer waist and hourglass figure. With the peplum you can add femininity. If you struggle with having more mass on the top or have a triangular figure, peplum will come to your rescue.

2) High Waist Skirts/Pants: Well nobody wants love handles sticking out of the jeans. High waist jean helps hiding excess belly fat. This style was very popular back in 70’s. High waist skirts with flare and a belt will flatter your look by giving you a playful look.

rati beauty diet plans


3) Leggings/Jeggings: This is the solution for thigh fat. It makes our legs more attractive. Wearing leggings as pants is a BIG NO NO. Apparently there are only 5% of the women who can rock them as pants.

4) Dark/Monochromatic Clothing: I know you must have heard about this before. Black is the colour to create the illusion of looking thinner. But avoid going all black. I can never wear all black. It makes my day gloomy and kind of sad. Black jeans and leggings are your friends when you feel little conscious about your thighs.


5) Slimming Undergarments: You’re probably aware of this kind of garment. I came across this when I was watching tv late night and there was nothing to watch but telebrand commercials thingy. You can get a hold of these at almost each and every undergarment shop. It may not be comfortable at first but it takes your confidence to next level. It gives you the effect of tummy tuck.

Give it a try. Stay beautiful and be fearless ladies.

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