How To Wear Tartan Print

How To Wear Tartan Print

Tartan, plaid or Scottish prints, as they are called, are an iconic and bold fashion trends that look very chic and stunning when worn right. Never underestimated the versatility of these prints, there is a reason why they make a well deserved place for themselves in all seasons. These prints are the basic essentials for the style conscious people.

If you too are interested in trying them out then read on to find out how to do it in a tasteful way.

Tips to wear tartan / plaid print:

• Pay attention to the fabric and colour before buying plaid for your wardrobe. Neutral and earth colours look good on all those who are short and are not comfortable with their body proportions. Whereas tall people can go for the bright coloured checks to add a fun colourful streak to their look. Plaid flannels are common for autumn and winter, but these prints are available in lighter materials like silk, chiffon and cotton as well, which are more suitable for spring and summer season.

• Also keep in consideration your height and weight before picking up plaid as bold, large plaids may look good on tall women but they will certainly look odd on a small or heavy woman.

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• Fit plays a very vital role in this print. A perfect tartan or plaid print must be fitted on the body part for which it is intended. Fitted shirts are more stylish and easier to dress up than a loose casual one. Also loose plaid shirts will look to over bearing on the short body frame. Avoid plaid pants if you have a large bottom or curvy legs.

• Pair the tartan skirt with stylish tights and over-the-knee boots or ankle-boots. This look will help you make your legs look longer. Tartan jacket is another great option to incorporate this style in your wardrobe. Wear a tartan jacket with a plainer outfit; in tones of navy, grey or tan for a chic look.

• Plaid is a bold pattern, so avoid going overboard while accessorizing. For starters stick with one prominent plaid piece or several small plaid accessories. You can definitely add more layers to your look as you move in a more comfortable zone of this look.

• Before mixing other patterns with plaid, make sure that the colours are a good blend and look nicely together. When you want to incorporate different prints into a particular outfit then pay attention on a main piece and match other printed item that are within the same colour family to get the right look.

Tartan is a fashion investment. You can wear this classic pattern for years to come without ever having to worry about it becoming dated.

So what are you waiting for? Grab your favourite piece and have fun with this fashion trend.

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