Does Wearing Eyeliner Make You Look Older?

Don’t we love playing with eye makeup? Eye makeup if done correctly can change your whole look in a minute. Women under different age brackets try different styles of eye makeup. An eyeliner in fact, is a great way to define your features better and bring out the natural beauty instantly. The only thing that probably no girl wants is wearing makeup that would add years to your face. This article discusses and answers this commonly asked question – does wearing eyeliner make you look older? Let’s find out:

Eyeliner Make You Look Older

As the process of ageing begins, our features tend to droop and sag slightly with the loss of collagen and moisture in skin. An eyeliner pencil can be used to create a line in such a way that helps to lift the eyes upwards. However, if you do the same thing on the lower lash line or waterline, that’s a huge mistake and would you make your eyes look smaller and droopy.

Factors that make you look older:
Lining only the lower lash line: Celebrity artists say that to give your eyes the most flattering and youthful look, one should wear eyeliner on the upper eye lid to lift up the eyes. Also, try to avoid applying makeup on the lower lash line as it makes the eyes look smaller, highlights fine lines and drags down the whole face. The eyeliner can get smudged from the bottom lash line, clearly showing signs of fatigue, and making you look older.

  • Drawing lines with a heavy hand: A heavy-handed application can make you look really old and unflattering. Instead of lining the entire eye with a kohl pencil, start your line in the middle of your upper eyelid, working your way out and thickening it slightly as you go. Even if you want to line the bottom lash line, just focus on the outer corners of the waterline.
  • Wrong eyeliner formulation: If you have mature skin, then you need to pay heed to the formula of your eyeliner. For instance, liquid eyeliners work great on your top lid, but using it on the bottom line can create a messy look. Such harsh lines can make you look older. For the upper lid, gel, liquid or cream based eyeliner can give the best application whereas for the bottom lash line something lighter like pencil eyeliner can give cleaner and crisp look.
  • Using too many dark colours: Putting too much eye makeup, especially dark colours like black would draw attention to wrinkles and fine lines around the eye area. Such colors look way too harsh and would make you look older than your real age. One should often ditch black and try lighter shades like brown or grey to define facial features naturally. Use sparingly and blend it well.
  • Not using highlighting colours: If you have naturally small eyes, a great makeup hack is to make them look big and poppy. With shades of white or champagne line your bottom lashes and reserve darker colors for your upper lid. It brightens your eyes and gives a youthful glow.
  • Forgetting to prime your eyelids: Priming is the go-to hack to prevent creasing and smudging of eye makeup. If you are in your 20’s or above, it is high time that you should prime eye area every time prior to putting on the eyeliner. This prevents raccoon eyes and unflattering shadows on your lid. Follow this step to create a huge difference in the way your eyeliner turns out.
  • Drawing uneven lines: With ageing, the skin on the upper eye lid becomes less firm which makes it difficult to get even lines with a pencil liner. Drawing uneven strokes would make you look old. Try to use a liquid or cream based liner to prevent pulling of your eyelids. Also, avoid drawing thicker lines to prevent any sort of harshness.


How To Do Eye Makeup Properly without Looking Old:

Begin prepping and priming your eye area with an eye primer or a light moisturizer. This helps to blur out fine lines on the eyelids and around the eyes. For big, flattering eyes, use a soft pencil with hues of dark brown or grey color on both the upper and lower lids, applying it close to the lash lines and then slowly smudging it to lighten the look. You can also skip the lower lash line if you feel it’s looking overdone. Brown is an excellent option to create soft, natural-looking makeup and helps to open up the eyes. The theme can be soft or bold as per the occasion. Apply the liner with light hand application and blend it well to get a beautiful subtle look. You can also highlight your eyes with a white kajal. This easy eye makeup fix will make you look years younger.

So, coming to the main question, the answer is “no” wearing an eyeliner would not make you look old, but avoid these eyeliner mistakes (read the article here), do not draw uneven lines, and stick to soft colors. . Get rid of these common mistakes and you will ace your eyeliner like a boss-girl. I hope this article cleared all your doubts.


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