10 Wedding Hairstyles for Long Hair

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Since wedding is one of the most important events in a girl’s life, today we bring to you the best wedding hairstyles for girls with long hair. Whether you are the bride or a wedding guest, you can opt for these stunning hairstyles. Stay tuned for some drool-worthy pictures.

Half up half down

Profile of Young Lady with Jewelry - Earrings & Necklace

Half up – half down hairstyles have made a comeback in recent years and Kate Middleton is often seen sporting these hairstyles. They look super stylish and elegant, and you can totally sport one on your wedding day to unleash the diva in you.

Heavy messy updo

Close up Portrait of a beautiful fashion bride in studio.Perfect make up and hairstyle.

Messy hairstyles are trending like anything right now, and it is a great news for ladies who have frizzy or unmanageable hair as there is no pressure of getting it neatly and perfectly done. Also, you can adorn your voluminous messy bun by adding small quirky accessories.

Long princess tresses

Beautiful elegance bride with beauty wedding coiffure

If you want to look like a celebrity on your wedding day and showoff your fabulous mane then this is the hairstyle that you should go for. Pair it up with a tiara and you are good to go.

Voluminous half up ponytail

Who said a bride can’t sport a ponytail on her wedding day? We beg to differ! If worn right, a ponytail can amp up your whole look and make you look super ravishing. Also, teasing your roots and ends will work in your favor while sporting a ponytail. It will add ample amount of volume to your hair if it’s too thin or fine.

Beach waves with a waterfall twist

woman waterfall hairstyle

If you have very dense hair and want to let your hair loose but are also afraid of getting your hair all over your face, then this hairstyle will suit all your needs. The beach-y waves will make sure that you get to show off your amazing hair.

Mesmerizing fishtail braid

Portrait of young beautiful blonde woman with creative make-up and french braids touching her face. Multicolored smokey eyes.

If you love hairstyles with detailing and intricacy then this one will leave you wanting for more. There are endless ways in which you can sport a fishtail braid. Sport a simple one if you want to keep your look minimal and hassle free or adorn your braid with a variety of different accessories, including flowers and beads, if you want to make a statement.

Flirty loose messy braid

Another great option for the brides who love braided hairstyles! This one is perfect for those who want to do their hair themselves without any professional help. It is easy to do and can be done in a matter of minutes.

A classic chignon bun

Hairdresser makes upper bun wedding hairstyle close-up on sandy blond hair of beautiful woman

You may think that chignons and buns are the same thing and can be used interchangeably, but the truth is that a chignon is completely different from regular buns. Let’s just say that all the chignons are buns but not all the buns are necessarily chignons. A chignon is worn low, just above the nape of your neck. If you are a minimal bride or your wedding dress is a statement in itself opt for this hairstyle.

Rose bun with bangs

Portrait of beautiful girl in a luxurious wedding dress

Rose bun is an intricate bun that, when done properly and precisely, is made to resemble different kinds of roses. This bun can be tricky to get perfect and requires a lot of patience and precision. But once done right, nothing can beat the beauty of this. Also, you can add some bangs in front with your rose bun if you are worried about a chubby face or big forehead.

Let your hair loose in original state

Brunette girl with long and volume shiny wavy hair . Beautiful model with curly hairstyle .

Letting your hair loose in its original state without any major styling can be one of the bravest decisions that you could ever make. If you have naturally beautiful hair go for it without a single thought. You can also add a big flower behind your ear to up the oomph of this look.

Hope this helps!

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