How To Do Your Own Wedding Makeup And Rock It

Today I am back with a very informative post, “How to do your own wedding makeup and rock it”, which will be useful for all the brides-to-be and even their bridesmaids and maid of honor. Stay tuned girlies!

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1. Practice Before The Main Event:

Don’t jump onto doing your makeup on your wedding day directly. Instead, practice a few times before the day and click a lot of photographs with and without flash and other different kinds of lighting. This will give you a rough idea how your makeup will look in your wedding photographs and you can make changes in your look accordingly.

2. Gather Your Supplies Before You Get Down To Business:

Once you sit down to do your makeup on your wedding day you should avoid getting up and moving here and there to look for your lipstick or mascara. Therefore, it’s really important that you lay down everything that you think you will need neatly in front of you before you begin dolling up.

3. Test And Try The Shades And Formulas That Suit You In The Stores:

When it comes to buying makeup for your big day, you should steer clear of shopping online or buying the first red lipstick that you set your eyes on. Instead, you should go to multiple beauty stores and try on everything before making a purchase. This will save you a lot of money and you will be confident about your shade selection and the texture of your products.

4. Complete Your Makeup Shopping Atleast 2 Weeks Before The Wedding:

To avoid freaking out at the last moment and picking up stuff without reading reviews and trying them on, it’s important that you complete makeup shopping for your bridal trousseau at least 2 weeks before the main event.

5. Always Use A Primer:

A primer will make sure that your foundation stays in place all night long, your makeup does not bleed in hot or humid weather and also everything goes on smoothly. Ideally, you should be using two different kinds of primer- one for your eyelids to keep your eye makeup in place and the other that you will use for the rest o your face.

6. Ditch Foundations With SPF And Anti-Ageing Properties:

Using products with SPF may make your face look ghastly in the photographs and leave behind an ashy and bluish tone on your skin. Also, products that say HD or have anti-ageing components usually have some microparticles that act as a mirror and reflect light in photographs.

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7. Choose Products That Are ‘Longwear’ And ‘Waterproof’:

Choosing products that are long-wear and waterproof will make sure that nothing bleeds, feathers or fades away and you look like a million dollars till the very end of the day.

8. Give Yourself Enough Time To Get Ready And Don’t Rush:

The last thing you want to do on your wedding day is rush through your makeup. To avoid that, start early and give yourself ample amount of time to get ready and mesmerize anyone who sets an eye on you

9. Moisturize And Prep Your Skin:

It is really important to moisturize and maybe even prep your skin with a quick sheet mask before applying makeup because if your skin is dry, it will soak the makeup products that you apply and make it settle into the fine lines of your face and make your overall look patchy.

10. You Can Add Drama To Your Eye Makeup With Some False Lashes:

While you should not try to do an outrageous look that you have never tried before on your wedding day, it will be safe to put on a pair of pretty eyelashes to quirk up your look within seconds.

That’s all for today girls, hope this helps.

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