7 Post-Wedding Skin Care Tips to Keep the Glow Alive Even After The Wedding Blues!

Weddings are so hectic and especially if you are the bride, you have so much stress over yourself, from looking your best to meeting each and every guest who has come over to join you on the biggest days of your life!  So finally, after your big day is over, you look forward to get rid of all the bridal makeup you’ve been layered in and let your skin breathe. But, the days that follow are demanding as well, and want you to look your glowing best, because you are the “NEW BRIDE” and you will have to dress up, greet all the new relatives and stuff yourself with some more sweets! I will tell you a few things that you can do to keep up the bridal glow while still being the good daughter-in-law that you are!!

Post wedding tips

1. Even though, you want to let you skin breathe for a while, you will still need to wear make-up because of the meet the new daughter-in-law sessions. I suggest you use non-comedogenic cleansers and moisturizers, especially the oil free variants.

2. I know it is tough to eat clean in the first few days, because no matter how much you want your in-laws will stuff you with laddus, mithais, and all the delicious food. So, before your wedding, consult a dermatologist to suggest you good multi-vitamins that will keep your skin glowing from inside and keep the wedding stress away.


3. With cocktails, bridal makeup, late night events, dry skin may take a huge toll on you. Kick it away, by hydrating yourself. Try sipping on some water after a glass of your soft drink. You might end up going to the bathroom more frequently, but then it is all worth it.

4. Of course, sleeping will be the last thing on your list during the first few days of your wedding, but it is very important to sleep eight hours every day (if not eight, six at least) on the night after your big day. It will make you look “WOW” when you enter the daughter-in-law mode, trust me and get some sleep!


5. Honeymoon will surely be on the list, and jet-setting to an exotic location will need you to pack all your gentle skin care cleansers and light-weight moisturizers in your bag. After all, you will only get air that is recycled and the humidity is controlled too, so your oily skin may get oilier and your dry skin may get even drier!

packing for honeymoon

6. I know, you think I’m crazy to be telling you to exercise, and it may get difficult too, but be as active as you possibly can. In case you live with your in-laws, be of help in house chores ( there may be chances that your mother-in-law is having a hard time attending all the guests that have come over) It will also add to those brownie points and make your MIL impressed with you!;) With hubby along, there are lots of interesting things that you could be doing to burn those calories and look glowy!

7. After a week or so after waxing, some women complain about skin rashes and bumps, which may ruin the bridal glow. If this is your concern then use a calamine lotion on the areas that you have waxed every night before you go to bed and you will be good! 

Hope this helped!
Happy Wedding!

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