Wedding Tips for Women with Anxiety

By Maya Ramchandani

Hello my girls…!!!

All you beautiful girls out there who are engaged or about to be engaged or planning to get married soon, this post is especially for you all and for your wedding anxiety issues. This is the most common problem that every girl faces between engagement and wedding gap. First of all, you need to know that it ok to be stressed, everybody is. This is not something weird going on with you. You just need to know some useful tips to cope with your wedding anxiety issues.

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• It’s exciting to have a long engagement:-

This is usually a tension time for all you girls but trust me; it is always fun to have a long engagement. You should enjoy your time with your family and fiancé, get to know each other well and you get a lot of time to prepare your body, skin and hair to look flawless on your wedding day. Whenever you feel stressed due to this reason like you are not getting an immediate marriage date for so and so reasons, be excited by imagining things I listed above. This is such a benefit many a times. As we all know a lot of service providers are required for managing a wedding and all of them require work notice and time to plan and so do you.

• Indulge with your friends and family for your planning process:-

It’s always ok to be bad with planning. Even I am. I don’t really like the planning plotting process and its always fine with me because when I am suppose to do this I call up all my friends and my family members too for planning my dress, venue, rings etc and everything stuff related to wedding. And obviously for all the anxious ladies, we have this nature of planning for future a lot and that too in very detail. So it’s better to have suggestions from your partner as well if you are confused with some decision. By doing this you would get to know more about your partner and also your choices.

• Try not to indulge in DIY cards and flowers, glitter materials that we see in lot of wedding photos:-

This work can be really stressful to have DIY stuffs on your wedding. Even if you ask a person or your friend for DIY work it requires a lot time and effort. So it is always suggested to not get into this before your wedding as it would increase your anxiety and stress ten times more. And you really don’t want that. You would have other important work to finish up with.

• Being anxious about the wedding does not mean you are not happy getting married:-

Please understand this fact girls…. Don’t always be in confusion and messing up things. It’s a very simple well known fact that wedding brings a lot of stress and anxiety problems that you have to manage and cope with but this does not means that you are not happy in getting married or with your partner. Reassure your partner, take enough time and then indulge Into the planning process both of you are going to be very busy and stressed in this time but take out some time and assure your partner that your bond is 100% solid. You two need to know this so that the other does not feels disturbed by the time issues you have.

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• Focus on the big things instead and learn to say no:-

This is another very useful tip for all you brides-to-be. Focusing on big events the big day and big things should be your priority. You have a lot of work in your wedding which is supposed to be done according to your choice only. Take part in that decision making which requires your time and suggestion only then you would feel happy about your big day. Another point may be you are really good in helping others and you do not have the habit of saying no. This is a very good quality that you posses. But on your wedding time it’s always ok to let the phone ring, let people call you, to pick up from so and so places, ask silly random questions and the details about you, your fiancé, outfits, venue , relatives etc. people usually do this but you need to learn to say no to people at least for this time.

• Take out time for yourself and your family:-

This would make your anxiety vanish for the time being. Get out and join a dance glass or a painting class and that thing you are interested in. if your fiancé has the same interest as you do then it would be amazing to join a class together and spend some nice time. Take out time for your family …girls. This is when you are very emotional and attached to lot of people. Spend some quality time with them like going for shopping together, going on a family dinner date, picnics etc. this would keep you relaxed and also close to your family.

• Enjoy being the centre of attraction:-

Who doesn’t enjoy attention? Even if you don’t; try out this time. It feels good and makes you feel super important and wanted. Wedding is the only time of life when everyone in your family, friends and relatives need your yes and your choices and give you special attention all the time. I love this part.

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• No wedding is perfect:-

There is nothing called a perfect wedding. So don’t aim to have one. It’s always fine to have some goof ups and minor mistakes. Others have also done the same. You should in fact enjoy those minor fails to have a laugh at. Rather than focusing on having every little thing perfect and having a fake smile in front of people try to have something funny and enjoying in your wedding.

Usually in Indian weddings, reception is held separately and all of your far away residing relatives are also invited for this function. And you have the most of photos of this function with people and relatives you hardly knew. So try having some funny props like big shades , funky hats, crazy stuff to wear and have photos with your close friends, family, fiancé, naughty cousins and this would really add into a little fun and excitement to your wedding and keep you calm all the day.

• Enjoy the time now or you would feel sad later:-

Instead of worrying all the time and focusing on little things, you need to understand that this is a very emotional, crucial and important phase of your life. You are closing one chapter of your life and entering into another. Do you want to say good bye being sad. Enjoy this time girls. This won’t ever come back. I have seen many of the brides regretting later that they were so worried and freaked out that they didn’t enjoy their wedding time.
You don’t really want to do this. Enjoy the little things now , forget the anxiety and stress and make yourself realize that this is your time and you cannot mess up being sad and worried for all the time.

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• You are going to look amazing on your big day:-

Being anxious is a very common issue with almost every second girl. But you cannot ruin your big day and this important time and function by being stressed. Assign some tasks to your friends and family. Take part in decision making, cherish little moment with everyone, get closer to your partner, take care of yourself, pamper your body, go out, and spend time get into shopping other that wedding stuff. You would feel great. And here is nothing like a perfect wedding and also there is nothing like look bad on your wedding. 

Hope these tips help you girls out in dealing with your wedding anxiety issues. Feel happy about this part girls.

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