My Weekend MAC, Loreal, Maybelline, Revlon Haul :D

My Weekend MAC, Loreal, Maybelline, Revlon Haul

Too good to share with you..otherwise I would get tummy ache.. please forgive me everyone who hasn’t shopped lately, do take out time to.. So I picked up the following stuff on behalf of IMBB to review them for you 🙂 All new releases..take a look and let me know what do you want to see first..and what can I say..I love my Job 😀

Weekend haul

My weekends not to forget everyday my life is full of makeup..:P so every weekend I have to get something or the other to reveiw and this is what I got this weekend..thank you Rati for letting me know how great these Maybelline 14 hr lipsticks are..

mac revlon maybelline loreal haul

I got these new release Revlon whipped cream makeup to review, lets see how it goes, they have just three shades sadly 🙁

revlon whipped creme makeup

Then I picked up Maybelline new releases more details here:

rati beauty ad

maybelline super stay 14 hr lipsticks

These Loreal le gloss are also too tempting for gloss lovers, so this will be coming up soon too…

loreal le gloss

Last but not the least some MAC stuff 😛 mainly refills…cant wait to review them 🙂 I got 4 in Forgery,Filament,Winkle and Pink freeze.

Mac eyeshadows

Some more random stuff I picked up from here and there…some Maxfactor kohl, a nail paint, LA Girl lipstick from Gloshop in Love Letters, Maybelline fruity jelly tubes, Revlon lip liner and Certainly red lipstick from Super lustrous my fav range..and an Inlgot refill..BTW it is still madatory to buy palettes with them 🙂

revlon inglot maxfactor maybelline haul

Enjoy the pics!

Clinique Skin Care Haul 🙂
Drugstore Haul
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78 thoughts on “My Weekend MAC, Loreal, Maybelline, Revlon Haul :D

  1. Wow lovely haul ! i have been a fan of your reviews and ofcourse envious of your lippy collection 😉 also wanted to thank your reviews for quite a few of my recent lippy purchases 🙂
    cant wait for these products to be reviewed, esp the revlon whipped cream and loreal le gloss. thanks for all the hard work !1

  2. purely jeaulous 🙂 🙂 but i am happy as toddy i will buy lipshticks 😀 😀 and will review them sooon 🙂 😉 maybelline lipsticks review first please den mac den loreal 🙂 😀 i want to see all of them 🙂 🙂

  3. Watte haul! Wowww 🙂 lookin fwd to alllll reviews, esp th revlon whipped foundation
    M already excited thinkin of ur LOTDs n EOTDs ♥

  4. Nehaaaaaaa terrific haul 🙂 m too excited to see ur LOTDs and EOTDs… I would love to see reviews on 14hr lipsticks. I am eying on your stuffs to steal it *toungeout*

  5. Me eagerly wan to hit the stores now
    Everyone is doin shopping shopping …
    Eagerly waiting for all the reviews
    Enjoy ur goodies and we enjoyed the piccy’s 😀

  6. perks of the job ah? you lucky devil!! 🙂 🙂 but those pics look so tempting. Do review like you said you will. Till then I’ll try my best to be a good girl 🙂

  7. review those lippies soon 🙂 🙂 I think revlon whipped cream has been already reviewed.. i am eyeing for that long time.. do let me know how it works on you 🙂

    Did you went to Phoenix mall in velachery..

        1. oh sorry its the same velachery one i have trouble remembering place names
          yes we were headed for dinner and at 9 pm the traffic was insane 🙁

  8. Neha from today onwards I will call u “make up haul GURU/ make up GURU” 😀
    And Rati as makeup expert 😀 and others as “Makeup Lovers” 😀

    Seriously! IMBB have a spacial place in my heart <3. I am so addicted to it I can't explain.

  9. wow neha so-much goodies….wait in for the launch of the 14nr lippes frm Maybelline..just checked the counters tday and it hasn’t launched as yet..the best part was that the SA wasn’t even aware of it…pity…pity but have they hit the counters yet?

  10. Nah i stay here in Coimbatore i even checked the counters in the malls here they arent even aware of such a lippy and yea cld u tell me which online site..plzzzz

  11. Lemme stop drooling first Neha! Wow – you are a shopaholic man! the R*vlon whipped cream foundie review first, please, pretty please? I have been eyeing that for a while now.

  12. nehhhaaa !!!!.. weekend can’t get better then thisssss..:-) i want all of them 🙂 ..please review colorstay foundation jaldi se … 🙂

  13. OMG!! Nehaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…kyun??
    WHY ARE U TEMPTING ME??..i m on a strict shopping ban!! :O
    I am not supposed to read such posts!! and yet I glanced thru it a 100 times!! :O
    Have you got the mac face and body foundation?…I really wanna get it the next time (!!) I visit mac 🙂
    I ordered the 14hr Eternal Rose shade after I read the review..eagerly awaiting its arrival 😀

  14. i have the whipped cream wala foundation too neha..and i don’t think i am ever going to spend money on trying out any other foundations!!! 😀 I love it! waiting for the loreal gloss reviews and your wonderful lip swatches!!

  15. neha that’s a majjoooooorrrr droooooll!!! loving the maybelline lippies. looking forward to see your gorgeous lip swatches and especially revlon’s foundation review. 🙂

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