Weight Loss: Foods, Diet Plans, Products, and Exercises to Lose Weight

Losing weight is tough. It is not just one thing that can help but a combination of things. Exercises can burn calories but gym instructors will tell you that without a healthy diet exercises are pointless. More often than not, weight loss boils to good habits- healthy food and diet, regular work out, and some time, if needed, products to help you lose weight. In this post, we’re going to cover all aspects of weight loss, from food to diet plans to exercises. Hope this helps everyone who is planning to lose weight.

weight loss foods and diet plan

Foods For Weight Loss

1.7 Most Weight Loss Friendly Foods

If you have been trying to lose weight, you definitely know that it is a constant struggle. You have to make serious lifestyle changes if you want to maintain your weight. You have to mind what you eat as well. So in this post, we talk about the most weight loss friendly foods that you can incorporate in your diet and see the difference by yourself in no time.

2. 10 Recipes for Weight Loss

Without a slim and trim figure, a girl cannot actually flaunt the dress or the makeup she wears. Weight loss journey can really be difficult, but it can be made a whole lot easier by having tasty yet healthy food items alongside following a regular workout session. In this post, we tell you about 10 such recipes for weight loss that can be your perfect companion in your weight loss journey.

3. 7 High-⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠Protein Foods that Aid Weight Loss

Along with regular workouts, just follow some simple diet tips and you’re sorted. Protein holds great importance when it comes to weight loss, but we are not going to talk about eggs and milk. Hence here are 7 top protein-rich foods that can help you lose weight.

4. 12 High-Carb Foods That You Should Take in Your Diet

Carbohydrates are an essential part of a balanced diet, since they provide your brain and body with the necessary mental and physical energy. Refined carbs can be unhealthy when consumed in high amounts. However, whole food sources of carbs are very healthy. So, instead of totally cutting out carbs from your diet, you can opt to eat foods with good carbs which is essential for your body.

5. Diet Foods: Five healthiest foods to include in your diet

This post is to give you a brief idea on the top 5 healthiest diet foods and how to include them as part of your daily diet/cooking. Most of you might already be using them in your regular cooking routine and for others, it’s never too late.

6. Foods that Break Down the Belly Fat

Here are some foods that can help break down belly fat. These are incredibly effective for burning fat and making the skin beautiful. Also, these are easily available in the market.

7. 10 Fat Burning Foods

If you’re the kind that can never diet, certain foods help you in cutting down calories and boost up the metabolism so that the body does not store the extra calories in the form of fat. Check out the top 10 fat burning foods in this post

8. Foods Which Can Help You in the Weight Loss Process

Did you know certain foods can in fact aid you in losing weight. You wouldn’t need to go on a crash diet and starve yourself. Eating healthy can also help you from piling on extra pounds. In this post today, we are going to list out some of the foods which do not add much calories and would take care of your protein, vitamins, and other nutrient supplements.

9. 7 Superfoods to Eat before a Workout

According to experts, you should never work out on an empty stomach. Before performing an exercise, like running, jogging, cycling, swimming or any other workout, you need to make sure that the combination of carbs and proteins in your body is good enough. So find out which superfoods you must consume.

10. 8 Foods You Should Never Eat Before a Workout

It’s very important to consume food before a workout. However, consuming wrong food can make you feel lethargic and low on energy. You can suffer from stomach aches and muscle cramps after consuming the wrong type of food. Read about the foods which you should prevent consuming before a workout.

11. 10 Simple Foods to Have Post-Workout

It is important after workout to replenish energy sources in the body and also to generate new muscle growth.Hence, post workout meal must contain carbs for insulin release and also protein for building muscle. we can use these simple quick meals and food items post workout.

12. 7 Protein-Packed Post Workout Snacks

We need to replenish the lost nutrients and fuel our bodies with nourishing foods to improve our health. So if you too work out a lot, do not spoil your efforts by consuming the wrong foods post your session. Instead, grab one of these and get the best out of your fitness efforts.

13. Top 10 Healthy Foods That Suppress Appetite

Sometimes you have such an appetite that you only end up stuffing yourself with unhealthy things.This post will help you pick up healthy food stuff so you do not have cravings and eat foods that will suppress your appetite so you don’t end up eating too much junk. Eat them throughout the day so you feel fuller for longer.

14.10 Essential Diet Foods

In this article we are listing 10 of the essential diet food stuffs which must be accommodated in our diet plans, these will not only help you control your weight but will also give you the right nutrition and energy.

15. 7 High Sugar Fruits to Avoid for Weight Management

Whether you are trying to control weight or diabetes, staying away from these foods will improve your health. Since fruits are essential in your life as they provide you with nutrients, do not stop consuming them, you just need to limit the intake.

16. 10 Best Ayurvedic Ingredients for Weight Loss

Taking weight loss supplements without the doctor’s recommendation can be bad for your health. Instead, you can opt for some ayurvedic options that are equally effective and not harmful at all.

Diet Plans and Diet Charts For Weight Loss

1. How to Lose Weight in 4 Weeks- Diet Chart for Weight Loss

You must be thinking that the diets given by the dieticians are personalized then how can we all follow the same diet routine with our different weights and blood groups. There is a similarity In the diets given to me and others. And since this diet chart is universal, we’d want you to reap its fruit as well.

2. Weight Loss Diet During Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)

Weight loss has been the major recommendation for women with PCOS. Research shows that even a 5% decrease in total body weight helps in reducing the insulin levels, increase fertility rates, reduce hirsutism and acne and lower testosterone levels.

3. Weight Loss With Fruit Diet

A fruit diet is a bit different wherein you follow a strict diet comprising only fruits for a specific period of time which can range from one day per week, or three days in a month, one week or continuously for one month. We are sharing with you all a Fruit Diet plan which has been personally tried, tested and being followed by our writer and the results have been wonderful.

4. How to Lose Weight in One Month- Diet Chart for Weight Loss (Part 2)

This post is for those who followed the 4 weeks diet chart and want to continue with it. Today is there last day of the diet. So here ifs the second months diet plan.

5. Best Weight Loss Shakes For Women

some quick, easy and delicious shakes and smoothies that you can look to include in your diet if you’re on a weight loss mission. Shakes and smoothies are very easy to make, they are wholesome, they contain a host of nutritious ingredients, and you can tweak them as per your preferences. The ingredients in these shakes and smoothies keep you satiated for longer hours and have ingredients that help reduce belly fat.

6. Ultimate Green Smoothie for Weight Loss: Do-it-Yourself

Green smoothies are packed with vitamins, minerals, fiber and nutrition! The best thing about green smoothies is that they are low in calorie content but still they will fill you for a long time and provide tons of benefits at the same time.

7. 6 Protein Shakes For Weight Loss

People usually consume protein shakes for muscle building. But that is wrong. Protein shakes can play a major role in weight loss too. Let’s have a look at some of the best protein shakes which will help you in weight loss

8. 5 Magical Drinks For Detox and Guaranteed Weight Loss

Don’t you want to know how to take off the few extra inches off your waist to fit into beautiful ethnic outfits. To aid you in the detox and weight loss process, here are some “easy-to-make” and “yummy-to-sip” drinks.

9. Bedtime Drinks for Weight Loss

You will be amazed to know that you can not only lose weight in gym or doing household chores, you can also lose your weight during your bed time hours.

10. A 30-Day Indian Vegetarian Diet Plan for Weight Loss

I am sharing a sample vegetarian diet plan that I have been following for 2 months. I have lost 3.9 kgs in 2 months by following this diet along with an hour of brisk walking every day.

11. Military Diet Plan for Quick Weight Loss

Military Diet Plan is a short term low calorie diet plan which can be followed for faster and short term weight loss, where in you can expect to lose 10 pounds easily. This plan needs to be followed for three consecutive days & people who wish to try this plan need to stick to the suggested food very strictly in order to get desired results.

12. Blood Type Diet| Diet For Your Blood Group

This diet propagates that our blood group determines how our bodies deal with different nutrients. It is based on the ideology that each blood group has its own antigen markers and these markers have different responses with food components.

13. Complete Indian Diet Plan for Weight Loss

Many of us Indians are used to a particular taste and cannot give up on our roti and rice. And a very few know that weight loss can be achieved even with a ‘desi’ diet. So here is an expert approved Indian diet chart for weight loss.

14. 7 Day Egg and Grapefruit Diet Plan for Weight Loss

As you might guess by its name, the grapefruit and boiled egg diet primarily consists of grapefruit and boiled eggs. The grapefruit and boiled egg diet is a very low-calorie diet, a low-carbohydrate, but protein-heavy diet.

15. How To Lose Weight With Ice Cream Diet Plan

This diet was curated by Holly McCord and she even published a book providing all details about this diet. This diet prevents you from feeling deprived and allows you to indulge in ice cream.

16. Indian Keto Diet Plan for Weight Loss

an awesome Indian Keto diet plan that will allow you to lose weight with desi food. This plan also has choices for vegetarians. Try to follow this one month plan and you will be amazed to see the changes.

17. 4 Week Fat Burning Diet Plan

a diet plan that allows you to lose the excess weight in just a month. The basic weekly structure of the diet remains the same. We will mention some substitutes for each meal that you can use in the following weeks.

18. Lemonade Diet Plan for Weight Loss and Total Body Detox

Maintaining a healthy diet throughout the year is a better idea, but at times, you may want to opt for a diet that would show you results within 10-15 days – lemonade diet is one such diet plan.

19. 7 Day DASH Diet Meal Plan for Weight Loss

DASH stands for Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension. This diet was designed to prevent or treat high blood pressure (hypertension). The DASH diet is rich in whole grains, and low-fat dairy foods, fruits, vegetables.

20. Tuna and Apple Diet for a Weight Loss Journey like Christian Bale

This is an extremely low-calorie diet that consists on a portion of tuna and/or an apple each day. The total calorie content of this diet is restricted to around 50 calories per day. The diet is completed with water and coffee.

21. All About 1200 Calorie Diet for Weight Loss

The normal calorie need for an active middle aged woman should be around 2000 K cal a day. The 1200 K cal is strictly for all those who want to lose weight and this should not be continued for more than 1-2 month.

22. Grapefruit Diet For Weight Loss

We will be sharing with you all two kinds of grapefruit diets; one is for vegetarians and the other for non-vegetarians. Who does not want to lose weight and be fit and healthy? If you are aiming at quick weight loss, you can opt for grapefruit diet.

23. South Indian 7 Day Diet Chart for Weight Loss

It’s true that South Indian meals are rice centric and seasoned with lots of veggies and sour things, but the best part is that this cuisine is extremely light on the stomach. This diet is very easy to follow.

24. 14 Day Japanese Diet Chart For Effective Weight Loss

The Japanese diet plan is quite popular across the world and promises to show great results. It allows you to lose around eight kilos and the effect lasts long after you stop dieting.

25. 30 Homemade Detox Drinks for Body Cleanse and Weight Loss

Homemade detox drinks can help you lose weight by burning fat, getting rid of toxins, and rejuvenating body’s whole metabolism. Detox drinks are full of nutrients and vitamins, and they help in boosting your metabolism.

26. 10 Morning Drinks to Aid your Weight Loss

These are super beneficial for your weight loss journey along with work out and diets. The drinks do not only help you to lose weight, but helps to reduce bloating and clear the toxin. In this post, I will talk about 10 such amazing morning drinks that can help you to be fit and fabulous.

Exercises For Weight Loss

1. Easy Weight Loss Home Exercises

Here are some inexpensive and innovative ways to get back in shape that wont burn a hole in your pocket but would surely burn away all the fat you have stored while eating all those McChickens and Cheesebursts

2. How To Do Weight Loss Exercises At Work

Working in an office is no longer a valid excuse to stay unhealthy or have an inactive life. Doing some simple exercises at your office will not only make you active but will also help you retain your muscle tone and increase your metabolism while relieving the stress in your body.

3. 10 Exercises That You Can Do At Home To Lose Weight

If you are looking for some exercises that you can do at home without any equipment, we have some 10 such exercises ready that can help you stay fit and lose some pounds. If you are doing a combo of these, nothing like it!

Products and Tips to Help You Lose Weight

1. 7 Best Weight Loss Books

These are some of the books that have been helpful to Rati in her weight loss. But she realised that some people have written books mostly to promote themselves while some have gone all out to help people. Here is her assessment of these 7 weight loss books.

2. 10 Golden Rules to Weight Loss

Rati lost more than 10 kgs in one year and went down many inches in the waist. She didn’t do anything fancy except the following things.

3. How to Start Losing Weight at Home in Just Ten Days

We know you cannot spare any time out of your busy schedule but you want to look slim in your hottest outfits. From our personal experiences, we are sharing these weight loss tips that will actually make you look slimmer and fitter in just 10 days.

4. 9 Simple Diet Changes that will Help You Lose Weight Faster

As we are never satisfied with our current weight and always keep finding ways to lose more, we are sharing some super easy tips to lose weight. The tips are really easy, and can be managed by all of us.

5. 7 Hard Truths about Weight Loss

Every person these days is trying to achieve their goal weight but hectic lifestyle and high gym membership fee come in the way. Whether you are just starting with your weight loss journey or are on it for months now, here are 7 weight loss related facts that will hit you hard.

6. Ways to Maintain Your Weight Loss

You lose weight very slowly and gain very fast, may be this doesn’t really happen but we all feel so. This article has some tips to help you maintain the weight you have lost.

7. 10 Chinese Diet Tips for Weight Loss

There are a few dietary tips that Chinese follow to maintain the petite, slim figure. If your love for food prevents you from following a strict diet, you can go through these Chinese tips.

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