6 Weight Loss Hacks That Can Backfire

Looking for some quick weight loss tricks and hacks to shed extra pounds and get lean, just in time for your best friend’s wedding? When it comes to losing weight, creating a calorie deficit through a nutrient-dense diet and exercise is the only way (check out Rati Beauty diet on how that can happen); finding shortcuts through hacks, tricks, fat-burner pills may actually backfire! Do steer clear of these 6 weight loss hacks that can backfire and result in nutritional deficiencies, muscle loss, hair fall, electrolyte imbalance, sluggish metabolism, depression, and a host of other health issues.

Weight Loss Hacks That Can Backfire

1. Following Detox Diet: People will tell you that since toxins have crowded your body, losing weight hsa become difficult, and to flush out toxins, going on a detox and cleansing diet would work. However, with such detox diets, nothing much really happens, they are not sustainable, and may actually backfire with side effects such as low blood sugar, dizziness, nausea, fatigue being common symptoms. Instead of getting on detox diet, make a few lifestyle changes, eat healthy, avoid processed food, pick organic food, quit using BPA-based plastic products, exercise regularly, and of course drink lots of water.

2. Trying to Lose Weight with Superfoods: Blueberries, kale, kohlrabi, acai berries are some superfoods popular all over the world because they pack a lot of nutrients in a little quantity and thus come under the “nutrient-dense” food category. But as is the case is with all healthy foods, portion control is essential while consuming superfoods too because some of them can lead to weight gain instead of boosting weight loss.

3. Putting All your Weight Loss Hopes on Fad Diets: There are many popular fad diets that promote a single ingredient that would lead to weight loss. Beer and ice cream diet, cabbage soup diet, grapefruit diet, lemon-aid diet ask you to pin your hopes on one or two ingredients, and doing so can cause a lot of health issues. Stay away from them, period!

4. Crash Dieting: Starvation diets are totally unhealthy, never even attempt them. Since crash dieting equates to starving for the major part of the day in order to skimp down calories – please do remember that such a diet also leads to sluggish metabolism and the body would cling on to fat more dearly, deciphering it to be a famine situation. When you crash diet, the body switches to the “starvation mode” where it lowers metabolism, increases calorie absorption from food, shoots up hunger and cravings – all to make up for lower food intake. Additionally, the body raises the levels of stress hormone “cortisol,” that increases water retention and that means “a bloated belly!” Also, since crash dieting throws quite a few hormones (ghrelin, leptin, cortisol to name a few), out of whack, you are most likely to remain “hangry” all through the day. Also, once you come off crash dieting, all those extra pounds will back and this time, it would be much more difficult to burn them off.

5. Giving up Fruits To Avoid All Forms of Sugar: We have been underlining the importance of giving up added sugar (also white sugar) to boost weight loss, not natural sugar, definitely not those which come from fruits. Since fruits and vegetables are an essential part of a balanced diet, shunning fruits completely does not make any sense because most fruits are packed with vitamins, essential minerals, and other nutrients that help with the fat-burning process, but the key lies in picking fruits with low glycemic index and practicing portion control. There is no dispute that you need to absolutely eat fruits on a daily basis even while dieting because most fruits come loaded with fiber which helps in curbing appetite and keeps gut bacteria healthy. However, do make sure you are not eating your fruits in these “6 ways because they can prevent you from losing weight.”

6. Eating 6 Meals a Day: How many times have you head this “eat small meals through the day?” We do not know for many people such pattern of eating has worked, but eating frequent meals through the day, causes blood sugar to rise just as many times, triggering insulin spikes, and insulin is also a hormone that encourages storage of extra calories as fat. If you are forcing yourself to eat 6 meals a day to boost metabolism, please stop doing that. Find the perfect meal timings on the Rati Beauty diet that would help you lose weight successfully.

Hope these tips would show you the right way to lose weight instead of resorting to weight loss hacks.

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