5 Weight Loss Secrets of Sara Rue

Sara Rue is a well known actress and has worked in multiple films and TV shows. But, she is more popular for losing a lot of weight in her thirties. She lost 50 pounds of fat following a super healthy lifestyle. This helped her to get back in shape without looking ill. As she did not follow any fad diet, she did not gain back the weight after either. Her journey inspired many and she even hosted a show named ‘Shedding for the Wedding’ where overweight couples participated to lose the maximum weight and win prizes. In this post, I will share few of her weight loss tips that anyone can easily follow.

Sara Rue Weight Loss Secrets

1. See What You Eat

Instead of following a super strict diet, Sara decided to keep a check on what she is eating. Sara believes eating without thinking leads to weight gain as you start eating lots of junk food. Her decision of knowing what she is eating helped her to cut down the junks and craps from her diet.

2. Following a Plant Based Diet

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This may not work for everyone, but Sara loved her plant based diet. While animal protein is a great source of protein to gain lean muscle, the animal fat often adds up to the body fat percentage. As Sara was not interested in gaining muscle and she wanted to lose fat from her body, the plant based diet worked fine for her.

3. Take Professional Help

At times, losing weight all by yourself is impossible. Sara could not do it alone either. She had a dietician to tell her what to do and a yoga instructor to train her. Professionals understand your body type and requirements. They can suggest the best for you and whatever they tell will be most effective. If you want long-lasting results in a short span of time, seek professionals help like Sara did instead of going for fad diets.

4. Do Not Be Too guilty

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Many people often give up when they cannot achieve what they want in a small time frame. Sara advices not to do this ever. When you start your fitness journey, you will inevitably make mistakes. You will probably take one or more cheat meals in a day. You will probably skip the exercise too as it is too much hard work. But, it is better not to give up. Do not expect your body to behave the way you want to do it initially. You must hustle and struggle for days to see the initial changes. It is advisable not to give up ever. Once the transformation begins, nothing can stop you at all.

5. Create Mini Milestones

Instead of setting long term goals, it is better to go for shorter ones. So, do not think of the total weight that you want to lose. This will frustrate you soon as that won’t happen fast. Fix smaller goals for weeks and months. Once that happens, you will start feeling even more motivated to do more for the following days.

A lot of people will say you the same things. But, these advices come from someone who herself followed these to lose a lot of weight. Follow these and you will see similar results too.

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