8 Weight Loss Tips To Carry Forward in 2024

2024 is just a few weeks away, and while we are all gung-ho about New year resolutions; there are some tips that you can carry forward from this year to the bright one ahead. To make 2024 the best year of your life, to smash goals, instead of making grand new plans that becomes difficult to follow through, carry forward these weight loss tips that you started in 2023. Since you guys have been following Rati Beauty and have achieved amazing results, stick to the diet plan and transform yourself.

8 Weight Loss Tips To Carry Forward in 2023

1. Continue to Eat Healthy: By continuing on the Rati Beauty diet plan,you can eat the right foods, eat healthy, and still lose oodles of weight. Why wouldn’t you even want to miss this diet plan that scores of people have achieved results with. Our Speed Slim challenge is starting from January 9th, 2023, and this is an opportunity you shouldn’t miss.

2. Continue to Practice Portion Control: Portion control is essential to get into calorie deficit and to drop extra weight. Calorie deficit happens when a person consumes fewer calories and burns more calories through diet and exercise. Portion control involves being aware of the correct amount of food and serving sizes so that you do not binge or overeat. Do not resort to food deprivation but do measure out portions, chew food slowly, and practice “hara hachi bu,” which is a popular Japanese mantra for eating until you are 80% full and then stop. People who practice this eating habit rarely gain weight. Read in detail about “hara hachi bu” here.

3. Be Physically Active: Make exercise a part of your daily routine, keeping aside at least 30 minutes to 1 hour to move that body and exercise. There’s no need to exercise every day of the week, just 4 to 5 days of workout is enough to burn away layers of extra fat and drop weight. Increasing physical activity and being on your feet for the major part of the day helps to burn considerable amount of calories. Even mundane chores like sweeping, mopping, dusting can help a great deal with weight loss.

4. Stick To Meal and Snack Timings: It’s essential to stick to meal and snack timings to extra calories from adding up and also to avoid unnecessary grazing through the day. The first thing you should probably do while starting out on a weight loss journey is to set yourself a meal and snack schedule. Don’t eat outside of your schedule, stick to the timings for better results.

5. Do Not Get Obsessed with Weighing Scale: A weighing scale can be your best friend or your worst enemy. Nothing can be more frustrating than to see numbers go up on the weighing scale even after strict dieting. Before you decide to get down from the weight loss wagon, look for non-scale victories like improved stamina, better sleep, clothes fitting better, and improved lab profile as well.

6. Meal Prep Ahead: Save a lot of money by meal prepping and cooking food at home rather than ordering junk food or dining out. There are multiple benefits of eating homemade food – you can cut loads of calories, be sure of healthy ingredients, and cut out bad ingredients like transfat, etc. And you get to save lots of money while doing so. Food delivery apps on your phone may tempt you to give into cravings and order food from outside often, but do limit eating out to once a week and you will see the weight dropping just with completely home-cooked food.

7. Cut Down Sugar As Much as Possible: It’s important to cut down on sugar, particularly added sugar, because it’s there in every other processed food out there. Sugar is highly addictive and it’s not easy to get off sugar, but eliminating sugar is important to lose weight and improve overall health as well because it raises inflammation in the body and pre-disposes one to heart disease, diabetes, and other life-threatening diseases. But the biggest outcome of giving up sugar is weight loss – so try to cut down sugar as much as possible.

8. Continue Making Positive Changes to Lifestyle: Say bye to sedentary lifestyle, drink more water, lower stress, and prioritise sleep over everything. Sedentary lifestyle, poor sleep, chronic stress can lower metabolism, increasing cravings for unhealthy food, and lead to weight gain. These factors can also impact physical and mental healthy in a negative way, so stick to the habit of making positive lifestyle changes instead.

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