5 Weight Loss Tips You Need To Totally Ignore

There is an incessant stream of information out there on how to lose weight and what to avoid to lose weight, but most of them have hollow claims. And if you want to motor up and lose weight, you have to separate wheat from the chaff, pick the ones that are highly effective and shun the ones that are all hype. Losing weight can be stressful only when you have been overwhelmed with unnecessary data and tips that are not fetching any results. It’s essential to follow a healthy diet and exercise routine to lose weight successfully and steer clear of certain tips that need to be completely ignored. Just as it is important to know the most effective weight loss tips, it’s as important to eliminate baseless and pointless one so that you are not wasting your time, effort or energy following them. Read about 5 such weight loss tips you need to totally ignore right now.

5 Weight Loss Tips You Need To Totally Ignore

1. Working Out Every Single Day will Result in Faster Weight Loss: Exercising every single day without being on a healthy diet will not fetch any results. Research has shown that exercise has little effect if you are eating without keeping a check on calorie intake and leading a sedentary lifestyle for rest of the day. And if someone is exercising and cutting calories as well, do remember, rest days are as important to allow the body to recover and the metabolism to reset. In fact, experts recommend exercising for only 4 to 5 days in a week and being active on all days.

2. Eat Through The Day To Boost Metabolism: It’s a huge myth that eating small, frequent meals would boost metabolism, it’s an old theory which does not hold water anymore. Eating frequently will raise blood sugar, spike insulin, and all the excess calories are converted to fat and tucked away for future. Avoid frequent snacking, do stick to meal times instead.

3. Green Tea will Melt All Fat Away: If you are sipping on green tea all through the day because everyone says that it helps to boost metabolism and targets fat, you would most probably be dehydrated at the end of the day because green tea is diuretic in nature. Drinking copious amounts of green will not lead to faster weight loss. In fact, limit green tea consumption to 2 cups a day, not more than that.

4. You Can Lose Weight by Crash Dieting: Completely wrong! When you deprive the body of necessary nutrients and calories, the body goes into a fat-conservation mode where it lowers metabolism and holds on to it fat reserves more dearly. Do consume the optimum amount of calories, eating healthy, making sure all that food is nutrient dense, and nourishes the body.

5. Giving a Lot of Importance To a Single Food To Melt Away Fat: Avocado, kale, chia seeds, apple cider vinegar – there is a lot of hype surrounding these superfoods and how they target body fat directly, but this approach would be counterproductive since no single food can melt away body fat. There’s hardly any science backing these claims. Having these superfoods in a calorie deficit, well balanced, healthy diet is important for them to work. Also read:https://makeupandbeauty.com/inexpensive-indian-superfoods-you-should-be-eating-often-for-weight-loss/

6. Picking Only Low-Fat Food: In a quest to cut calories from every corner, and associating excess calories with ”everything fat,” you might be picking everything “low fat,” but food companies tend to add a lot of sugar to compensate for the lack of taste because fat content has been ripped off. Picking up everything labeled “low fat” will set you down for failure. So, do make sure to read the ingredients list to eliminate added sugar in low-fat food.

Summing up, all you need is to be on the right kind of diet, and Speed Slim program on the Rati Beauty app is absolutely what you need right now to lose weight fast and safe.

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