9 Weight Loss Tips That Are Completely False

When it comes to weight loss tips, it’s necessary to separate wheat from the chaff to get effective results so that you can reach your goal weight sooner. With so much information everywhere regarding weight loss, false data can mislead and slow down your progress. To help you make the right choices, read about 9 weight loss tips that are completely false and why should steer away from them.

Weight Loss Tips That Are Completely False

1. Detox Waters Will Burn Fat: Thinking about gulping down gallons of detox water and feeling uneasy later on, in the hope to drop weight? Well, here’s the truth – no, detox water would not flush out fat along with toxins. Some detox concoctions like these does help to flush toxins, but they cannot be taken on a daily basis in the hope that it would melt away fat. Fat-burning is a process which happens when there’s calorie deficit without compromising on nutrition. Instead of pinning hopes on detox water and body cleanse routines, check out the Rati Beauty diet to lose weight as well as inches off the waist.
2. Eat Whatever you Want Burn it in the Gym Next Day: No, you cannot eat whatever you want with the hope that it will all get torched in the gym next day. You can burn limited number of calories by working out whereas you can cut a lot of calories by avoiding unhealthy food.
3. “Diet” Stuff is Okay if you are Trying To Lose Weight: It’s one of the biggest mistakes people commit while trying to lose weight – when they replace normal food with diet foods. You must run away from anything that is marketed as “diet food.” The “diet” tag attached to foods are majorly marketing stunts luring fitness-conscious consumers towards them. You should compare the calories between regular stuff with the diet stuff (there’s not much of a difference). Even if the word “diet” is pleasing to your eyes, stay away and stick to whole foods instead.
4. You Cannot Have Chocolate While Trying To Lose Weight: No, not those ones which are laden with sugar, we are talking about dark chocolate that actually helps to curb appetite, reduces cravings, and also contain antioxidants that fight free radicals. But do make sure the dark chocolate you pick has at least 70% cocoa content.
5. Replacing Real Food with Appetite Suppressant Powder: People believe that appetite suppressant powders and diet pills would help them get to their ideal weight, but replacing real food with such powders and pills can harm your health in the long run. Eat real food, right food; instead try these “Top 45 Foods To Suppress Appetite and Reduce Hunger.”
6. Look for “Low Fat” in Every Food: Just like protein, healthy fats are essential to stimulate the fat-burning process, and it’s not a good idea to look for “low fat” in every food that you put on the plate. Make healthy fats a part of your diet (almonds, chia seeds, avocado, ghee, eggs) are a few examples. Also, find the right way to eat healthy fats to boost weight loss on the Rati Beauty diet.
7. You Cannot Have Cheat Meals While Trying To Lose Weight: A cheat meal once a week is considered absolutely necessary to reset a sluggish metabolism, reduce cravings, and it also helps to stick to the weight loss diet better. However, do follow these “10 Cheat Meal Rules for Weight Loss.”
8. Skimp As Many Calories as Possible: Though it is essential to go into a calorie deficit to lose weight, do not drop beyond 1200 calories, otherwise the normal functions of the body get affected. A calorie deficit can be adopted by firstly cutting out any highly-processed food and drinks. This may include sugary breakfast cereals, beverages, and fast food. Alcohol also contains a significant number of calories which can be easily reduced.
9. Slim Sauna Belts will Sweat Away Fat: It’s true that sauna belts induce profuse sweating, but that they are taking down body fat along with them is a myth!

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