10 Amazing Weight Loss Tips For Women

There is a big disparity in how fast men and women lose weight, with the former category managing to lose weight at a faster pace compared to women (they have more mean muscle mass, which means more calories get torched, you see) and hormones also certainly play a good part. There are a whole lot of other factors which can slow down and decelerate the weight loss process for women, but the good news is that, most of these can be reversed. And following these 10 amazing tips and tricks will make losing weight easy for women.

Amazing Weight Loss Tips For Women

1. Start on a Weight Loss Diet Which is Easy To Follow: We women have to juggle work, family, kids, home and a million other things, and we just have 24 hours in a day to do everything! When trying to cut down weight and get healthy, crash dieting is not a sustainable way because it will leave you with absolutely no energy to sail through the day. Don’t follow random or fad diets off the internet and do not devise your own diet plan. If you fall severely short of calories by going on crash diets, your menstrual cycles and hormones will get affected. Additionally, you may experience hair fall too, so it’s better to start on a nutrient-dense weight loss diet, such as Rati Beauty diet, that makes sure you lose weight by eating the right kind of food, not less and with enough energy to conquer the day.
2. Add a High Protein Source To Each Meal: Make protein a priority on the plate! Protein is an important macronutrient that not only repairs and builds muscles, it boosts metabolism, burns more calories with its high thermic effect. Eggs, tuna, chicken are good protein sources for non vegetarians. For vegetarians – lentils, beans, green peas, chickpeas, etc. are great sources. Also, do check out this list of “17 Cheapest Protein Sources at the Grocery Store.”
3. Kickstart your Weight Loss Journey by Sorting out the Grocery List: It would be a great idea to declutter and organize the kitchen, pantry, and refrigerator and get rid of processed and unhealthy food and start afresh by putting together a new grocery list. Grocery shopping is not an easy task, especially, when you are obsessed about losing weight the healthy way. If you are confused on what to pick and what to place back on the supermarket aisle, here’s a list of “99 grocery items that any dietician would approve” when you go out for grocery shopping the next time around.
4. Weed out Added Sugar: Believe us when we say this – obesity and sugar consumption are closely linked. We are consuming way higher than the recommended sugar intake and added sugar creeps its way into our diet through sweet beverages, baked goods, biscuits, cookies, candies, chocolates, bread, etc. Give up sugar and you would be able to cut down calories by a great deal.
5. Reduce Consumption of Processed Food: These foods have unhealthy fat, loads of sugar, salt and not to mention high number of empty calories that have no nutritional value. Identify and cut down processed down from your diet today itself.
6. Increase Water Intake to Reduce Water Retention and Curb Appetite: Plain water affects fat loss in more ways than one – it helps to flush out toxins, has absolutely no calories, boosts metabolism, and keeps hunger pangs in check. Also, having water at certain times during the day has adde benefits. Reads about the “Best Times to Drink Water to Speed Up Weight Loss” in this post.
7. Make Sure you are Taking 10,000 Steps and More Every Day: The first step towards a fit and leaner body is to get on your feet, and take more steps, and most experts recommend taking 10,000 steps or more through the day for that to happen. When the idea of hitting the gym and working out for hours together to lose weight does not seem like a do-able option, there is an easiest way to stay active and to make sure you are burning calories, and that’s by putting one step before another. You can burn considerable amount of calories each week by making sure you are on the feet for most pat of the day, and trying to achieve a target of 10,000 steps and more because it can burn up to 0.5 kg a week. So, walk your pet, ditch the elevator, and remember to stand up and walk every time you attend a call.
8. Mix Cardio and Resistance Training to Lose Weight and Build Muscle: Doing only cardio exercises will not help you drop extra pounds that quickly, combining different workouts, especially resistance training will help build muscle, burn more fat, and give you a toned body. HIIT (high intensity interval training) routine is also a good way to burn more calories within a short period of time.
9. Try These Ways To Boost Metabolism: It is kind of a “no-brainer” that one gets to burn more fat and far more weight with increased metabolism and as such it is quite obvious that if we could find some means to boost our overall rate of metabolism, we could accelerate the process of losing those extra pounds and reach our goal weight sooner. Wondering how you can boost metabolism, check out these “12 Ways to Boost Metabolism To Burn Fat” in this post.
10. Do Not Compromise on Sleep: When you compromise on 8 hours of sleep at night, you are inviting trouble and that also means weight gain. Your body needs enough rest at night to function properly the next day, and if that rest is disrupted, everything goes for a toss, including your weight loss goals. Studies have revealed that less sleep impairs the activity of brain in the frontal lobe which controls our food choices. Less sleep quality and time also increases “hunger hormone” ghrelin which increases the appetite the next day and also stress hormone cortisol. So, if you think you have turned into a “night owl” lately, that’s the reason for your weight gain – sleep for 7 hours straight and losing weight would be so easy.

Above all, do find ways to de-stress because just like sleep deprivation, stress can completely stall weight loss and increase in belly fat.

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