8 Weird Beauty Hacks that Actually Work!

When it comes to making oneself look beautiful and desirable, there doesn’t seem to be any boundary. But, as far as hacks are concerned, there are high chances of failure. But today, I am going to talk about eight beauty hacks that might seem weird at first but deliver good results each time. Let’s take a look at them!

Hacks beauty weirds

Thick lashes with baby powder

beauty hack for thick eyelashes

This is not a new beauty hack and it does work. In case you are looking forward to making your lashes thick and fuller, apply some mascara. But, don’t just stop there! Next, coat your lashes with some baby powder. Once it dries, apply a next layer of mascara and that’s it. You might go for one layer of each if you desire a thicker look.

Heating and Cooling

heating up the eyeliner hack

Heating up your eyeliners may make it glide wonderfully. So much for the seductress look! But, it does work like a charm. So heat up your liner a bit, let it cool down and apply your liner. It will glide like a dream and look perfect on the eyes.

Rosey skin

pepto bismol as face mask

Getting pink cheeks are the dream look of every woman on this planet. That flushed look, when paired with a shy smile, is enough to take away anybody’s breath away. A mask of Pepto Bismol has nothing to do with your beauty routine, but it is said that applying it on your face or just cheeks will give you a lovely pink look.

Beer hair bath

Pouring beer can be as weird as it sounds. But the reports say that soaking your hair in beer actually makes hair look and feel beautiful. Many women swear by beer when it comes to maintaining the health of their hair. If you find the smell too much to handle, hide the smell with a beautiful perfume.

Shaving gel crisis

This one is quite sweet as it is weird. When you run out of your shaving gel, do not freak out! There is a perfect alternative that can deliver amazing results.Your hair conditioner can prove to be a great alternative and it does give close shave.

Charcoal for white teeth

Charcoal is the last thing you would want to put in your mouth, but this hack has made many people smile. Just take some activated charcoal, dip your toothbrush into it and brush your teeth with it for a few minutes. This brushing and scrubbing will whiten and brighten your teeth. Don’t forget to rinse it well with water. Your first look in the mirror after this trick will leave your surprised.

Vaseline and lips

vaseline to exfoliate the lips

Vaseline is known to cure dry lips but a very few know that it can also be used to exfoliate them. Just put a small amount on your toothbrush and scrub your lips gently with it. In a matter of few minutes, you will see a pleasant change in the lips.

Berries for dental health

Berries can make your teeth healthier and shinier. Just rub some berries on your teeth before brushing your teeth and you will end up with a gorgeous set of teeth in no time.

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