Welcome Winters with these Essentials in Your Hand Bag

Hey Pretty Ladies,

As we are ready to welcome winters, I am here to tell you some essentials to just throw in your bags and make use of them when ever required.

winter essentials


Moisturizer is the most important thing you would require in winters. As the skin tends to get dry very often, you would probably need to apply moisturizer after certain intervals. Keep the sample size of the moisturizer as it is easier to carry.

winter essentials moisturizer

Lip Balms

Everyone wants soft, kissable lips every time. But in winters lips tend to get dry and chapped so to moisturize them you would need a lip balm. Always keep a lip balm in your bag so that you can apply them frequently when required.

winter essentials lip balm

Hand Creams

A thick, creamy hand lotion is a must have for winter! You will have to find something that is truly nourishing that can help combat those dry hands.

winter essentials hand cream

Tissue Paper

Yes girls, this is also a very important thing to have in your hand bag. You should keep a packet of disposable tissue papers because beauties with sensitive immune system can catch cold very often. And these babies are so lightweight that you can easily stock them in your bag.

winter essentials tissue paper

Pair of Gloves

A pair of gloves is another must have in your bag. I always forget to wear my gloves and without gloves the situation of dry hands became worse.

winter essentials gloves


If you have pale complexion, you need to keep a pocket-bronzer in your bag. No one loves that flat face and red nose which tend to happen because of cold wind. Keep a bronzer in your hand bag to give little dimension to your face when required.

winter essentials bronzer

Hair Serums

Like our skin, hair also gets dry in winters. So it is always good to have a pocket size hair serum in your bag. Whenever you feel your hair is getting dry, apply 2-3 drops of serums to eliminate the dryness. People with oily hair may skip this.

winter essentials hair serum

These were some essentials for the upcoming winter season. If you run out of anything from these go to market or shopping sites because as festival season is going you can have awesome discounts.

Enjoy Winters. 🙂


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