Wella Bleach Activator (Bleach Powder) Review

Wella Bleach Activator

Hey girls today am going to review Wella bleach avtivator.
wella bleach activator powder
Most of us want to look fair and want a flawless skin and we do things whatever it takes to get such kind of skin.

Anyways I have been using this activator from past five years. So I thought why not share this with you guys šŸ˜‰ I used to live in Belgaum (north karnataka)five years ago. So I bought this activator from a beauty shop who sell beauty products required for salons. But they just had the activator and it doesnt come with the cream. So I had to buy a cream which belongs to a different brand.

wella bleach sachet

My friend who was a beautician suggested me that I just need a pinch of Wella activator and not more than that. So I followed her suggestion. I couldnt beleive my eyes that my skin became fairer and it was glowing like anything. I have never saw such result with Fem nor with Jolen. I have even tried it on my aunt who was around 35 yrs old. Even her skin was glowing after using it.

So after few months I thought why not use a little more, so that I can glow like a disco ball šŸ˜‰ Trust me it looked like as if my skin got tanned. Thats because I have sensitive skin. Wella bleach is very powerful and thats the reason why my friend suggested me to use just a pinch.

So never ever do the same mistake what I did. Now I stay in Bangalore. I tried to search for the Wella activator here but I couldnt find it. So whenever I go to Belgaum I get couple of those activators and keep it in stock.

wella bleach powder
Potassium persulfate, sodium silicate, Ammonium persulfate, Algin, Methyl Hydroxyethylcellulise, Xanthan Gum paraffinum Liquidum, Disodium Edta, Cellulose Gum, CI 77007 , Silica

There are few information which is in German language, so am not quite sure what it is.

Pros of Wella Bleach Activator

1. It’s very effective.
2. You just need a pinch of it.
3. Its gives glow
4. Makes skin fair
5. You just need to apply the bleach on the face for 15 mins or so(Depending on the skin type)

Cons of Wella Bleach Activator

1. It doesnt come with the bleach cream just the activator. You need to buy a bleach cream separately.
2. Its very strong that sometimes you can get tears from your eyes. I guess it happens with all the bleaching creams.
3. Its not easily available

Am not quite sure about the price because its been couple of years since I have bought it. I apologise for that.

This is the colour of the Wella Activator which is light blue.

Will I purchase it?
Hell yeah, I will. When a product can give such a good result then why not šŸ˜‰

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23 thoughts on “Wella Bleach Activator (Bleach Powder) Review

  1. i bleach my skin once in two month.. i use fem but it doesnt make me look fair :hunterwali: :hunterwali: :hunterwali: :hunterwali: :hunterwali: :hunterwali: :hunterwali:
    i want a fair making bleach now.. :makeup: :makeup: :makeup: :makeup: :makeup:
    nice review krupa :waytogo: :waytogo:

  2. i am so used to bleaching..i use Jolen and I just HAVE to do it atleast every once every month. Without sounding disgusting, I also use the bleach for my underarms and my fingers and arms and all..:). the only tip I have is to not have it on for more than 15 mins ..it basically bleaches the dark hair on your face so one looks fairer..i dont like the golden thing though..

  3. I dont prefer to bleach my skin as I have super sensitive skin and none of the bleaches suit me..definitely a good powder for gals using bleach frequently! :waytogo:

  4. I have no experiences with bleach…but i always thought that bleaches come in cream form like a ready to use form!! I may be completely wrong though :specs:

  5. Somehow feel bleach might give results in the short run but speed up wrinkling in the long run. I have bought Fem Oxy bleach and it’s lying unused…. :worship:

  6. I don’t think this product is meant for your face. It is from what I can read on the product an Intensive hair lightener no where does it say this should be used on your face if I were you I would be very careful before using such chemicals on your face. Has any company endorsed this as a facial product have any tests been carried out to see what the long term use of such products have on your skin. I dread to think what your skin would look like in 5/10years time after using such intensive chemicals on your face. Ladies be very careful and ask beauticians who endorsed this product to be used on faces.

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