Wella EIMI Dry Me Dry Shampoo Review

By Sanya Jain

Hi everyone!

This is our saviour in chilled winter mornings when we don’t want to wash our hair just for one more day! Yes, you guessed it right. This review is about a dry shampoo called Wella EIMI Dry Me Dry Shampoo.

Wella EIMI Dry Me Dry Shampoo Review

Price: $19.50 for 180 ml
Product Description:
Create volume and a manageable matte texture to achieve your look. Refresh your hair and absorb oil with this formula with Tapioca starch.

Alcohol Denat., Butane, Propane, Isobutane, Tapioca Starch, Water, Silica, Polymethylsilsesquioxane, Fragrance.

My Experience with Wella EIMI Dry Me Dry Shampoo:

This product comes first in every lazy girl‘s getting ready guide – a dry shampoo. You have to have a dry shampoo for those days when you are getting super late for work or college and your hair is super slick with oil (urghh, just hate that feeling). It makes you look really tired when your hair is oily and lifeless.

Wella EIMI Dry Me Dry Shampoo in Hand

The packaging of this dry shampoo is just like any other dry shampoo. It comes in a hard tin bottle form with a spray mechanism and a cap. The overall packaging is nice, just like all the Wella products. The spray is really nice and distributes the product evenly.

My hair becomes particularly greasy after the 2nd day of head wash. But I prefer to leave it as is for a day more. But if I have to go out for some important work that day, this dry shampoo comes in handy. I really love this product as it really does what it says. It has a fruity scent, which lasts about 1-2 hours. It doesn’t bother me as I personally love products that smell nice and fresh.

Wella EIMI Dry Me Dry Shampoo Spray

Coming to the quality of the product, I must say it lives up to its claims. It gives an instant volume and boost to your hair. The good thing is, unlike many other dry shampoos in the market, this one does not leave any kind of white residue. This is because it is made with tapioca starch and not talc. So, it is not powdery white at all. You just have to spray it 8-9 inches away from your scalp in 2-3 sections. After that give it 5-6 seconds to absorb, rub scalp and voila! You are good to go.

The effect can last up to 6-7 hours. It does not make your hair tacky or sticky in any way. So instead of dragging your hair down, it gives it instant volume, making it look fresher and healthier. Here is the only downside: it may not be able to work on very oily hair, like after 4-5 days. Overall, this is the best dry shampoo I have ever used. If you are searching for a dry shampoo then, trust me, your search ends here.

Wella EIMI Dry Me Dry Shampoo Back

Pros of Wella EIMI Dry Me Dry Shampoo:

• Nice packaging
• Very nice fruity smell
• Doesn’t leave any white powdery residue
• Does what it claims
Adds volume
• A little goes a long way

Cons of Wella EIMI Dry Me Dry Shampoo:

• Some may not like the fruity scent
• Effect doesn’t last long
• May not work on super oily hair

IMBB Rating: 4.5/5
Would I Recommend Wella EIMI Dry Me Dry Shampoo?
Yes, definitely. It is a life-saviour for thin, oily hair.

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