Wella Kolestint Hair Colour Review

Today, I am going to review a product called Wella Kolestint (hair colour).

I have used 3 boxes of this product. So, I thought why not share my experience with you guys.

So, this is what I think:

Wella Kolestint Hair Color

Its an International brand as you guys know. The reason why I used this product is, it says permanent on the front of the box as you guys see. I have premature grey hair, so I was looking for this kind of product from a long time. I use Darkest Burgundy 3/66, which suits my skin tone and it covers greys perfectly. In the beginning, it looks like almost black, but after a couple of washes, the colour shows up. It also gives glossy effect, which I really love.


As you can see it has:

1.  Pre-colouration treatment sachet- 15 ml.
2.  Colour creme – 50 ml.
3.  Creme developer -50 ml.
4.  After colour intense shine treatment, which is a conditioner – 30ml.
5.  A pair of gloves, which is of high quality (I liked it).
6.  Of course, instruction booklet.

So, the total quantity would be 145 ml.

Product Claims:

With Wella Kolestint, you get colour that is rich, radiant and stays fresh until you colour again.

1.  The pre-colouration treatment contains almond extract and prepares your hair for better colour absorption from root to tip.
2.  The brilliantly rich colour creme is a non-drip formula that envelops your hair for even, long lasting,rich colour and perfect grey coverage.
3.  Our revolutionary after-colour intense shine treatment seals in your fresh, just coloured look while hydrating your hair.  Use in place of regular conditioner every 2 weeks until you are ready to colour again.  (Whenever I apply this conditioner, my hair becomes glossy, which is good).

But the problem is, I wash my hair every alternate day, so within 2 weeks, my grey hair becomes visible . I have tried touch-ups too, but still in vain. The reason why I purchased this product is that it is permanent. Of course, I need to do touch-ups for new-grown hair, but the grey hair which I see after 2 weeks, I don’t think they are my new grown hair. In fact, I even noticed a few strands of grey hair within one week.


Rs.519, but it has an introductory price, which is 30% off.



1.  It gives glossy effect, which I really loved it.
2.  It definetely suits my skin tone.
3.  Whenever I apply this conditioner, again, it gives a glossy effect and my hair feels soft.
4. As they promised, it gives rich radiant colour.
5. It has free salon application of Rs. 400, but I couldn’t use it because the offer had already expired.


1.  My grey hair becomes visible within 1 t0 2 weeks (that’s the main reason why I use this hair colour. If it can’t serve the main purpose, what’s the use of it??).

2.  It’s a little pricey.



Though it has ammonia, I don’t see any major hair damage.  My hair colour was dark brown or darkest brown. After applying the hair colour (darkest burgundy), this is the colour I got after a few hair washes.


Will I Buy This Product:

I guess yes, until I find a better one than this.

IMBB Rating:

4 out of 5

Note:  As usual, you need to do the patch test before using this product and yeah let me know if you liked it or loved it 😉

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15 thoughts on “Wella Kolestint Hair Colour Review

  1. Good review, Krupa. Even I have premature gray hair and am on the look out for a good coloring product. BTW, the price is Rs.30 off and not 30% as I see in one of the pictures. Would be a steal at 30% discount :woot:

  2. I have greys, but they aren’t really premature… :). Am trying for a salt and pepper look, and in the meantime keeping my hair really short! I will recommend this to my husband though, he loves to experiment with hair colour.

  3. Hey Krupa…I want this for my dad….he always complains that the garnier one is not good enough for him 😐 😐 😐 😐 😐 😐 😐 😐 😐

  4. Thanks for the review. I have seen ads on TV and was really curious about it. I have always wondered how one gets that glossy look..this hair product seems to have achieved it. defy worth a try. i would do the burgandy too 🙂

  5. Are you sure that ammonia causes no hair damage? there is always a hue and cry about the ill effects of hair colour, so I avoid using it. Though i dont have premature grey hairs, I love the subtle shade of colour on my hair

  6. nice review Krupa… even I had a tough time hiding gray hair… Ive got john frieda ka foam one now.. lets see how that fares..
    my mumma uses wella and she is quite happy…

    @anveshi- everything is bad if you dont take care of teh hair… apply oil once or twice a week and shampoo regularly- nothing will go wrong 😀

  7. I was SO waiting for an IMBB review on Wella Kolestint. Thanks a lot Krupa, the color perfectly suits you 🙂 I really want to try 55/46 Exotic Red :jiggy1:

  8. nice review, i have used it for my hairs on july-2011.. it works good, “grey Brown” forgot colour…! but after using got heavy hair fall.. need solution for hair fall….


  9. Very helpful review. last week I used Loreal’s color shade 05 and to my horror, it gave me a burning sensation on my scalp. failing to keep it for 45 mins,I had to remove it after 25 mins. The feeling of burning and itching took one entire week to go. I read Krupa’s review this weekend and bought the same shade. I was a little apprehensive about this shade because of the word ” Burgundy”. I still gave it a try. As compared to Loreal, the quantity was more and i was able to cover my entire scalp. There was a mild tingling sensation, which was bearable and it worked it 35 mins. Though the Burgundy color is not so evident and it gave 100% grey coverage. The conditioner given along is too good, leaves hair soft and smooth. Absolute value for money!

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