Wella System Professional Hydrate Mask Review

Wella System Professional Hydrate Mask

Hello all…

Today I will be reviewing a mask from wella called the “wella system professional hydrate mask”. I picked it up to moisturize and hydrate my hair and keep them tamed and less frizzy. This mask comes in a cuboidal tub with a round shaped opening, with a blue cap. The product is peachy in color with a medium consistency that spread easily on wet hair. It has a sweet smell that linger on almost the whole day.

Wella System Professional HydrateMask

Price: INR 995

Quantity: 200ml

Ingredients: NA (lost the primary packaging…Sorry )

My experience with Wella System Professional Hydrate Mask:

This is one of the best hair masks I have ever used, hands down!! It totally lives upto its claims of hydrating the hair. In addition it also makes the hair soft and add shine to them. I have plenty of split ends due to rebonding , so I concentrate more on my ends and gradually work my way up to the scalp. I use it twice a week and so far it is doing great for my hair. Yes it comes at a price but it will last you for about 2.5-3months. According to the instructions we need to use it on shampooed and towel-dried hair and leave on for 5 minutes, but I keep it for 15. Before you put it on make sure to soak excess water from your hair so that it is easier for the hair to absorb the goodness of the mask and the mask too can work efficiently.

Wella System Professional Hydrate Mask

I was informed by the SA that the product is new in the market and hence I assume that the availability would remain an issue for the first few months, although it’s available online. Coming to container, it comes in a flat tub with a shut-to-close cap which is not very convenient to carry if you’re travelling as there is a risk of product leakage. Due to the lack of dispenser you need to put your fingers inside to take out the product which is again a put off or me. But since this product has made my hair a lot better I have no problem how or in what it comes in 😛 . But one thing it doesn’t do is tame the unruly fly-aways; there’s just no cure for them I guess unless you go for any rigorous chemical treatment.

Pros of Wella System Professional Hydrate Mask:

• Hydrates and moisturizes hair
• a little amount does a lot good
• smells very sweet controls frizz
• brings shine to hair
• reduces breakage
• makes hair soft
• fragrance lingers
• good for people with dry damaged and brittle hair
• travel friendly ,sturdy tub
• good packaging

Wella System ProfessionalHydrate Mask

Cons of Wella System Professional Hydrate Mask:

• expensive
• availability
• a nozzle/dispenser is always better than a wide opened mouth.
• doesn’t tame the fly-aways

Ratings: 5/5

Recommendations: I recommend it to everyone who have dry, rough and unruly hair.

Hope it’s helpful to you.
See you next time..Ciao 😀

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