Wella System Professional Hydrate Shampoo Review

Wella System Professional Hydrate Shampoo Review

I have used so many shampoos and conditioners from the brand Wella and luckily I have fallen in love with almost all of those. Recently I did hair straightening and as per all of your suggestion I decided to go with the shampoo and conditioner provided in the parlour. That is how I got a chance to try the Wella System Professional Hydrate Shampoo.

It is pretty expensive that it costs Rs.800 for 250 ml.


I have dry hair with oily scalp and such a combination is always problematic. I find it very difficult to maintain my hair because if I try to condition my dry hair, it will increase the oiliness of my oily scalp. If I don’t condition my hair it becomes frizzy and unmanageable. So I told my problem very clearly to the hair-dresser and she suggested me to use this product and promised me that it will work great for me. Since Wella shampoos have never let me down I got this one as well.


As promised by the hairdresser it did hydrate my hair very well and my hair looks more shiny and toned down these days. It claims to effectively moisturize dry hair. Also I find it very easy to manage my hair !!! The shampoo is a light transparent liquid that has a mild fragrance of some syrup / medicine. The smell is not disturbing as it vanishes soon after the wash. People who are very sensitive to these kind of smell, please smell it before you get it. Though the shampoo is very expensive, it lasts really long. I have mid-length hair [few inches below my shoulder] and use this thrice a week. This lasted me for 5 months and still a little bit is left out !!! So I don’t mind paying this for the shampoo. It lathers pretty well. Also, it does not make my scalp oily. It just does the job of hydrating and cleansing my hair.


Pros of Wella System Professional Hydrate Shampoo:
• It lathers very well.
• It cleanses and hydrates my treated hair.
• My hair feels more manageable.
• Does not leave my scalp oily.
• The bottle lasts really long.

Cons of Wella System Professional Hydrate Shampoo:
• Available only in the salons. [Also in few shops like Trends, Alankar in Chennai]
• The smell might be disturbing for few. So smell it before you buy it.
• Price is ok for me when compared to how long a bottle lasts but for few it might be a con.

My Rating – 4/5

Will I Repurchase? – Yes, for sure.

When my hair was not straightened I was using Fabindia avocado shampoo and it was my HG shampoo and protein conditioner being my HG conditioner. For my treated hair I will say the Wella System Professional Hydrate Shampoo is my HG shampoo and I am totally loving it.

Also I have found the HG Conditioner for my treated hair and I’ll be reviewing that next for all you here.

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24 thoughts on “Wella System Professional Hydrate Shampoo Review

  1. Nice that , it hydrated your hair, lovely review and pics :thumbsup: !! But the cost of it is not affordable, it contains soooo many chemicals, :(( Aarthi, body shop one good na, you can try that !

      1. If you have very dry hair then Rainforest moisture shampoo and if normal to dry hair, then Rainforest shine shampoo, :))

  2. again a gr8 review aarthi… 800/- but lasted 5 months.. then its cost effective not costly :specs: :specs: :yahoo: … hpe to find it easily though… ?:)

    1. That is what even I felt…. if it lasts me for 5 months then I don’t mind paying so much 😀 You must be able to get it from good salon Nids.

  3. nice review 🙂 🙂 Aarthi
    I will try avacado shampoo of Fab India as I have dry hair too but not straightened

  4. I really love this product,I have been using it for the last 2yrs now ,am running out of it ,can you letme know where you get it in Chennai ? I will no longer travel to delhi and really dont want to mess up with anyother shampoo.
    SP platinum gloss and the hydrate mask are also wonderful.

    1. I got this from Kanya beauty parlour. They have branches in anna nagar, besant nagar, alwarpet and few other places as well. I will check out the other SP products you have mentioned Poornima 🙂

  5. Nice review Aarthi… it is a costly product, but if it lasts 5 months, then it is quite cost effective :yes:

  6. hi Aarthi,
    I have curly hair… I don’t want to cut them short just because they are frizzy and unmanageable..! :nababana:
    To handle them I have to make a plait always. :haanji:
    Do you think that using this product will help me to manage my hair and will I be able to open my hair (whenever I want) instead of sticking to plait… :happydance: :preen: :woot:

  7. Hello Aarti,

    I just got my hair makeover done and my stylist had used the Well SP Blue shampoo and the conditioner which comes in a small square shaped container. He suggested me to use this shampoo. But my hair is very sensitive, thin, frizzy, dry on the strands and oily in the scalp. I saw the review here and you have similar hair issues. Does it have any side effects. I have used a couple of foreign shampoos earlier and have ruined my hair. I don’t mind paying if it is going to come for 4-5 months. I run so need to wash my hair every alternate day. Does it work good, i mean is it good to use it so often?


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