Wet n Wild – Mega Liner Liquid Eyeliner Plum 864 Review

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Wet n Wild – Mega Liner Liquid Eyeliner Plum 864

Hi all,

Today I am going to review about a product which I rarely buy & apply also-EYELINER. Like most of the females I also like to stick to the basic black kohl &eyeliner. I have never ever attempted to try other shades .I used to think that any other shade would make my eyesbiggeras I already have big eyes. So last week when I was in a cosmetic store to get my same old black kohl I saw this very tiny bottles of different shades of eyeliner, also which attracted my attention was the price mentioned below it (very inexpensive).And I thought it’s worth the risk & I got a shade in Plum/purple.
Read more to know the result.


Product Description.
Be the girl with the eyes. Create dramatic eye emphasis in a single stroke. This long wearing, quick drying formula applies smoothly and evenly for instantly bigger & bolder eyes.



Follow the natural contour of your eyes starting at the inner corner of lid and follow along the lash line. Don’t forget to further compliment lashes with wet n wild mascara.


$2.89 for 3.5 ml


This product has a very standard packaging; there is a small plastic bottle with a dip-in brush applicator. This is a very convenient & safe to carry around in your purse. I don’t know whether this bottle is a see-thru because I haven’t used that much.

My experience  with Wet ‘n’ Wild – Mega Liner Liquid Eyeliner Plum 864

My first reaction when I opened this bottle was that it is so tiny, the size of applicator is also very thin but adequate. I had to dip-in couple of times to cover my whole eyelid .The formula is not at all runny & it dries out instantly .I am very flimsy when it comes to applying eyeliner on myself as my one eye wing never matches the other but with this I had full control of the brush, I knew exactly how much I have to layer &the applicator brush was so easy to hold. The stroke comes precise&clean.


Though I had to reapply to get more color as in one application the color was hardly visible on my eyelid. This could be possible because I was not wearing any eye make-up or concealer. So the color was not popping out that much. Also the color contains very tiny bits of shimmer, which makes it all the more beautiful in daytime. My biggest concern was whether it will accentuate my eyes further or not but when I clicked the pictures & saw the result, Ireally liked it.I for sure felt different about my eyes.


The pictures you see are all makeup free(I hope you all also like it).Staying power of this product is also great, .It is also not water proof that mean it can be easily removed by wet wipes.


Pros of Wet ‘n’ Wild – Mega Liner Liquid Eyeliner Plum 864

• Easy to apply
• Bold color
• Inexpensive
• Long lasting
• Smudge proof
• Easy removal
• Matte finish
• Sturdy Packaging

Cons of Wet ‘n’ Wild – Mega Liner Liquid Eyeliner Plum 864

• Not waterproof.
• Nothing as such I am pretty much satisfied by my purchase.

IMBB Rating:4/5 (quantity is really less)

Would I recommend Wet ‘n’ Wild – Mega Liner Liquid Eyeliner Plum 864?

Definitely ladies, they have quite a few colors in it. Nice, vibrant colors to try in these summery days! Let me know how you feel about my review & pictures about this eyeliner in the comment box below.

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14 thoughts on “Wet n Wild – Mega Liner Liquid Eyeliner Plum 864 Review

  1. Very pretty shade … Nice review….but I am not very very comfortable with brush eyeliners *nababana* *headbang* *headbang*

    1. *thankyou* dear! Even I wasn’t sure about it in the first place. *scared* *scared* But this one is easy. *powder* *pompom*

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