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I just happened to come across the reviews for Wet n Wild eyeshadows on internet one day and the reviews were great- very high pigmentation, better staying power and very good colors compared to other drugstore eyeshadows. And Wet n Wild eyeshadows were way cheap also. I bought mine at about $2 to $3 a palette depending on the discount I could get. And now I have been using mine for more than 4 months. I am pleased to say that they are indeed very good for parties, bright looks, smokey eyes, office looks, anything! In fact I have all four Wet n Wild eyeshadows; gives me a lot of room to play with without overwhelming me. I love all four of them.

wet n wild eyeshadow

Each Wet n Wild eyeshadow palette has 3 matt shades and 3 glittery or shimmery shades. I use very light shades for high-lighting, lighter shades for all over eye-lids and dark shades for lining, smudging and outer V effect. Since there is some fall-out while applying these eye shadows, I always clean up with a cotton bud or Q-tip dipped in makeup remover. Then pat the area down with compact or a bit of foundation.

The best things about Wet n Wild eyeshadows are
1. They are available everywhere….pharmacy stores, grocery stores, Wal-Mart…..Target…
2. I really love these colors. Good staying power & Great pigmentation.
3. These are cheap….excellent choice for beginners or if you want to experiment on new colors.

I cannot compare Wet n Wild eyeshadows to high-end brands or expensive eye shadows for two reasons,
1. I really don’t want to because buying MAC or Makeup Forever has its own guilty pleasure or beauty therapy.
2. Second, department stores makeup or high-end stores have far greater color selections and textures.

Ok, here we go!

This is how they come with two small applicators. I do not use them.

wet n wild eyeshadow

Aren’t the colors catchy? Soft brown, Dark Chocolate, Golden, Bronzy Brown? The top two shades I use for highlighting the brow bone area. Vanity….is the name.

wet n wild eyeshadow pride

Pride is the name, and who isn’t proud to own these?

wet n wild eyeshadow pride swatch

Swatch with the above!

wet n wild eyeshadow greed
Greed is the name. I love the black and shimmery black for lining. Sometimes I use peachy color on my cheek, all over the eye-lid, light shimmery grey for smokey eyes.

wet n wild eyeshadow greed swatch

Swatch of Greed. hmm I wouldn’t share this with anyone! Hehehehe

wet n wild eyeshadow lust

Lust is the name, and who wouldn’t lust after these?

wet n wild eyeshadow lust swatch

Swatch with Lust palette…

Let me know your comments! Would love to hear feedback!

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43 thoughts on “Wet n Wild Eyeshadows

  1. Are these the Wet n’ Wild icon eyeshadows? I used to browse in the Wet n’ Wild aisle in Walmart all the time…got my first mascara from them…it was horrid but cheap enough to try it for the first time 🙂 .

    1. Yeah calicoaster….Its a good brand….I have bought one of the single eyeshadows and three color palette….still not disappointed…lovely outcome.

    1. I’ll try…I am still learning and experimenting….I’ll try to do one or two looks with these….I still dont know how to photograph properly…..these colors were so bright on my hand, but they didnt show up as well on photo….with flash, it was white wash, without flash, it was not doing justice…..finally had to ask my hubby to take photos…..perhaps a tip I can get here?

      1. Try adjusting the white balance in your camera. Try all the presets e.g. daylight, cloudy etc but its best if you can set the white balance yourself, using a white piece of paper to give the camera the correct white balance reference according to light setting in your room. Best time to take photos are during the morning near your window using natural light. You can also try the macro mode/macro lens for a close up of the eye.
        Hope this helps!

        1. I’ll have to experiment and try what you are saying…I am totally un-camera person…..I just know how to zoom in, out and click. :haanji:

  2. wow these pallets look so tempting!! cute n handy.. i have some wet n wild nail paints and i find them to be of very good quality too.. awesome pigmentation and they stay on ur nails till u are bored of them.. i applied a color of elle 18 nail pops on my toe nails and covered with a sheer golden from wet n wild.. the resultant coral color has been intact on my toenails since 26th feb!! :jaiho: :jaiho:

    1. Yasmeen from 26th Feb 2010??? 😆 😉 today is 10th feb na ?
      I have the same habit, I tend to forget important dates, my fiance is the one who remembers all the imp dates! :giggle:

      1. hahah… i meant 26th jan.. :stars: :stars: :stars: :stars:
        i usually do rem dates but since 2011 dawned i am mixing up big time.. all thru jan i was thnking its october.. :stars:

    1. Yes, I also love that palette….applying purple is tricky….otherwise I tend to get “bruised eye” looks…..I just use dark purples as eyeliner…looks sooooo good….and then blend lighter purple over a eye-lid (with base) really really well…..also have to keep the brow bone area bright….and also put some dark purple on my lower waterline…..smudge a bit…..I have been told by my friends, that it looks really good….then all my “mehnat” of blending and eyelining pays off….. :jiggy1: :jiggy1:

      1. Nia, try smudging black pencil on eyelids first as base n then apply purple shadow over it. I would make a great smokey eye and wouldn’t give you a bruised look also!

    1. Actually even Greed and Vanity are really good….the love just grows on you.. :secret2: ..all of them are pretty different, so thats good, I can achieve as many looks I want to… :yahoo: . I havent tried a whole lot of experimentation but def want to! :yes:

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