Wet n Wild Megaglo Illuminating Powder in Catwalk Pink Review

Wet n Wild Megaglo Illuminating Powder in Catwalk Pink Review

Hi guys, this review is for Wet n Wild Megaglo Illuminating Powder in the shade “Catwalk Pink.” One of its other shades “Starlight Bronze” has already been reviewed by Zeeba a few months back.

Wet n Wild Megaglo illuminating powder

I am always in search for good cheap highlighters to provide a subtle glow to the high points of my face without adding a lot of color or shimmer. I had seen this product quite a few times in the drugstores abroad, but never thought that a product that’s so dirt cheap could match up to my MAC highlighters and can I tell you how wrong I was! Not only is this a wonderful product, I feel it’s even better than the high-end highlighters I own.

Product Description:
Wet n Wild Megaglo Illuminating Powder claims to create a healthy luminous glow with a subtle iridescence on any complexion. Wet n Wild Megaglo Illuminating Powder features 4 coordinating shades that can be used individually as an eye shadow or together as a blush and a highlighter. Wet n Wild illuminating powder is a finely milled formula that applies and delivers a smooth finish.

Other Shades Available:
Spotlight Peach, Starlight Bronze and Strike a Rose Pose.

Price: Around $3.99.

Everywhere Wet n Wild cosmetics are sold (nonpareilboutique, amazon, ebay, other online stores, drugstores abroad, etc).

Packaging: 9 gm.

What I Love About Wet n Wild Megaglo Illuminating Powder

• Catwalk Pink is a wonderful combination of 4 pinkish shades, a pale shimmery color, a very soft shimmery pink color, a matte rose color and a dark shimmery champagne bronze color that give a beautiful rosy cheeked glow.
• The combinations from the shades are so many: Each shade in the packaging can work individually or can be blended together. The palest shade can work as a brow highlighter, all shades except the darkest one can work as face highlighters whereas the darkest can work as a blush on its own. When these colors are swirled together, the result is a great blush. I apply this as my everyday highlighter by swirling my fluffy blush brush on all the colors to get a wonderful multi hued shade that adds an awesome natural glow to the top of the cheeks.


• The shimmer is very understated and is neither chunky nor glittery. Can easily be used for a neutral look. If applied with a heavy hand, can work wonders with a dramatic look as well.
• The shades instantly brighten the complexion without adding shine.
• I like how sheer the shades are. You can use just one swirl for the most natural effect and keep on building to achieve your desired color.
• A great multi tasking product for travelling. Even on days when I am in a hurry, I can just use my Catwalk Pink on various parts of my face without having to worry about using multiple products.

(Swatches of individual colors)

• The texture is amazing and goes on real smooth.
• Another feature that I absolutely love is even when I swirl my brush repeatedly on the various shades, there is absolutely no residue of powder in the corners of the box. The packaging remains clean and neat in spite of repeated use.
• The lasting power of the color is satisfactory. It lasts for about 5-6 hours and then fades nicely without just leaving behind shimmer.
• This should look good with most skin tones. I particularly think it’s absolutely gorgeous for people with my complexion (NC 30-40)
• Lastly, it’s practically a steal – 9 gm for $4. I cant believe how good a product this is at such an amazing price. I don’t think I will ever go to another high end highlighter after having tried this.

(Colors when blended together)

What I Don’t Love About Wet n Wild Megaglo Illuminating Powder

• Even though I like its sturdy packaging, I wish the lid was not screw top. I prefer flip-open packagings as compared to screw tops.
• Wet n Wild range is not available in India, so you need to have a friend/relative get it for you from abroad or a credit card to shop online.
• Ingredients include parabens.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5. I am taking out a half point only because of its non-availability in India. Other than that, I just love this shade and am planning to get the others. I am really drooling over Strike a Pose Rose, so that’s next on my wishlist. I highly recommend this to everyone!

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    1. oh kaash aisa hota :)…i would have gotten all the shades and a lot other products from WnW…so many of its products are wonderful 🙂

  1. Bhawana…you have tempted me so much with this review…..I just pray I get a clear blemish-free skin so that I can try such products…….its a beauty Bhawana :pompom: :pompom: :pompom: :pompom:

    1. Jomo… easy to get blemish-free skin in two weeks.. mix one kg wood charcoal with half kg compost, one cup baking powder and one cup plaster of paris. Add fevicol to make a uniform mixture and apply on your face. Peel off when dry. Do it for two weeks and either you would have a new skin or new skin doctor..but the blemishes would be gone for sure. O:)

  2. 😐 😐 😐 😐 😐 😐 😐 😐 😐 😐 😐 half kg composte….sir ji…..compost made of aerobic or anerobic bacteria….which one to choose………one cup baking soda…..kaun sa brand….RAj’s yah Bird brand……..fevicol tho nahin hai….can I use feviquick instead…….. O:) O:) O:) O:) O:) O:) O:)

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  3. very nice product this is.. n a gr8 review bhavna… :whistle: :whistle: :whistle: :whistle:
    how I wish to get all of these… but mai karungi kya .. 😐 😐 :toothygrin:

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