What are Microbeads and Why They should be Banned in Beauty Products

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Today I am here to talk about microbeads and why they need to be banned in the beauty products. Many of us have the bad habit of not checking out the ingredients list before buying a beauty product. But today, I give you the strong reason to check out the ingredient list and to stay away from microbeads. Let’s get started!


What are microbeads


Face washes, body washes and body scrubs have become an indispensable part of our bathrooms. The tiny beads found in such products are called microbeads. These are actually plastic balls, and not made of natural ingredients. And since these balls are made of plastic, they are harmful in the long run. Finally, a bill has been passed that from 2017, these microbeads would not be used in any beauty product. So you should become aware of this face and boycott any brand that uses microbeads in its products. But why are microbeads so harmful? Let’s see.

Harmful for the environment

This law is passed due to the studies and researches which show that microbeads are harmful to the environment in many ways. After we use the products with microbeads, they flow down the drain, absorbing all the dirt and chemicals as there is no filter to hold them. Eventually, they flow into the rivers and lakes where they do not dissolve and fishes eat them as their food and they fall sick. In the long run, these beads have affected the marine life badly.

Harmful for your teeth

You might have noticed that these days many brands have launched ‘sparkling white’ toothpastes with microbeads in them. Unfortunately, these whitening toothpastes are ruining your teeth as they contain bleach too. Dentists have found that these plastic microbeads get stuck in the teeth and attract and store bacteria. Hence, it can lead to weak teeth and gums.

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Harmful to the skin


Obviously, these beads are very harmful for the skin. Since most brands use these plastic, synthetic microbeads, they do more harm to the skin than good. Such brands can easily opt for the natural alternatives on almond, jojoba, apricot kernels/beads. These products do exfoliate our skin well but they are not gentle enough. As a result, your skin develops more troubles and issues.

How to quit products with microbeads

You might be thinking that why have I said that you should check the ingredient list before using a particular cosmetic. That’s because there are some chemical compounds which are always mentioned on the list and those products should be avoided. Only scrubs or body washes are not the ones with microbeads. Chemicals like polyethene, polypropylene, polyethene terephthalate, polymethyl methacrylate, poly lactic acid, or nylon form up microbeads too which are not seen in products. But these are still plastic ingredients and damage your skin. You might find these chemicals in your sunscreens, deodorants and lotions too. Try homemade scrubs made of salts and sugar if you are a DIY chic to keep your skin soft and healthy. There are many brands that have pledged to not use microbeads anymore and you should too.

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