What are the Best Beauty Hacks for Glowing Skin

Glowing skin is what we all crave for. But with all our hectic and tedious schedules, we hardly find any time to pamper ourselves and often keep neglecting our skin care issues. What with irregular skin care coupled with our stressed routines, our health takes the toll which ultimately shows up on our skin. Nonetheless, since we have so many priorities, people like me are always on the lookout for some quick-fix hacks which we can easily fit into our hectic schedules. Below, I have compiled a list of the best beauty hacks to achieve glowing skin.

Deepika padukone glowing skin

1. Dewy looking skin:

We all know that we must drink so much amount of water, have fruits and veggies, ensure we get our greens…blah blah blah… Phew! Nope. Can’t do it. Tried it for a week and then back to schedule with those fries! So, How are we ever going to achieve glowing skin? Well, I have got a hack for you! For glowing cheeks, take a very little amount of vaseline or any other kind of petroleum jelly and dab it in a half moon shape starting from the top of your cheekbones and under your eyebrows. Say hello to instant dewy looking skin! The use of petroleum jelly ensures your hack remains a secret since it does not display those pesky glittery bits which highlighters leave behind.

2. Pouty and luscious lips:

Another beauty hack using vaseline or any kind of petroleum jelly! Simply dab a little petroleum jelly on the top of your upper lip line. This hack will give an instant boost to your lips making them look soft and supple.
Fun fact – This hack is actually used by Bollywood celebrity Katrina Kaif (go check out any of her photographs).

3. Glowing skin hack:

This beauty hack has been recently made very popular by many Instagram makeup and beauty gurus and is perfect for achieving glowing skin. Before applying the foundation, mix 2-3 drops of any facial oil with the foundation and apply this foundation mixture as regular. The foundation will glide smoothly onto the skin. Use a buffing motion to apply the foundation.

Different Ways to Use Ubtan for Glowing Skin

4. Beauty blender hack:

This is for people who get cakey or creased looking makeup by midday. Simply use your beauty blender to smoothen out the creases. Use a patting motion instead of a blending or a rubbing motion to smoothen out the creased foundation, concealer or eyeshadow. Do this instead of applying more powder or compact since that will lead to more creasing after some time.

5. Everyday facial:

Let’s be real, the monthly facial sounds good, but we never can keep up with the cycle for even two months straight. So, why not stick to something which we can do easily. Here’s a hack! While washing your face with a face wash in the morning, use a small microfibre cloth to work the cleanser into your face and give yourself a little massage. This will help bring a good blood flow to your facial skin while also exfoliating and unclogging pores. Believe me, do this every day for a week and notice the difference.

6. Glowing hands and legs:

We can’t always manage a body scrub and moisturize routine before a big event to get a glowing skin on our hands and legs. So instead, for an instant glowing skin on hands and legs, use a pea-sized amount of olive oil, almond oil or even coconut oil mixed with a little amount of a tan colored highlighter and rub it on your hands and legs. Instant glowing skin in about two minutes!

Arms and Legs dark spots

And there you have it! My favorite beauty hacks, all tried and tested for an instant glowing skin!

So what beauty hacks do you use? Comment below and let us know.

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