What Do Men Really Think Of Valentine’s Day

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Hope you all doing great. Today I am here again to talk about some stuff related to Valentine’s Day. Actually today I am talking about what exactly do men feel about the Valentine’s Day. Girls surely love to celebrate this day with their loved ones and also like to gift each other some special and romantic gifts. Let us know that do guys feel the same about Valentine’s Day? There is a famous saying “ roses are red , violets are blue , he hates valentine’s day , and wishes you did too. “ lol.

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According to them:

• They don’t need a single day for love:

According to most of men they do not like this concept of exchanging gifts and showing love for each other on just one day. And unfortunately , my man has the same thought.  and me on other side , I am always so excited for this day because I feel that there should be one day when you two are completely dedicated to one other. Like spending some quality time together , resolving some issues etc. but men , they do not completely agree with this ‘one day love show‘ concept.

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• It gets crazy expensive:

expensive gift

Planning for Valentine’s Day and buying gifts is actually an expensive task. I am not talking about all men but yes many do think about this. Buying gifts for your loved ones is always a gesture of love and thankfulness. Not something related to money matters. For men, it is a huge task to select the perfect gift for their girl friend and they hate to spend money on those little flowery decorations, some cute little couple show piece etc.

• Date planning becomes a trap:

This is so frustrating to know but yes, men don’t really like the date planning task. It happens in my case too. It is just me who has to plan out for a date or a meet. He never gets involved in this. Especially on Valentine’s Day, every girl expects to have a romantic date at a private place filled with roses, candles , chocolates which is sadly not the department of men. Men think that if they are in a long term relationship, then no matter how fancy they get, they can never fulfill our expectations. They seriously want us to be blunt and tell them ourselves that we want a romantic dinner date or a spa session.

• They hate mixed messages on presents:

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This many of us do. We never tell our man that what exactly do we want for this Valentine’s Day. We send them mixed messages on gifts like I don’t want anything and then when we don’t receive anything, we get irritated and of course a little jealous too. They simply want us to no pull the low maintenance shtick and then expect them to get extravagant.

It’s very simple girls, men don’t mind being romantic and celebrating this day, they would even buy you gifts without thinking about the expenses. What they only want is you to help them buy something good for yourself and also to plan a date. They don’t understand that if we tell them what we want then would be the surprise or happiness?

Always being practical is not at all romantic guys. Remember this!!

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  1. As luck would have it, I too don’t like Valentine’s Day. I feel that it’s useless and I don’t need a day to celebrate my love.

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