What do Your Lips Say about Your Personality?

By Chanchala Bose

Did you know you can tell a lot about a person by just looking at their lips? Your lips are not only your facial asset, they can define and explain a lot about your personality. Since people are born with various lip shapes, let’s take a look at what do your lips say about your personality.

Aishwarya Rai’s Lipstick

A conical cupid’s bow

A conical cupid lip

People with such shape of lips tend be very good orators; they are the ones with a creative mindset. These people tend to be over reactive and spontaneous, so many a times they do not think before speaking and end up in a troubled position.

A round cupid’s bow

A round cupid lip

Generosity is the topmost trait of people with a rounded cupid’s bow. They are said to be very compassionate and humble. These people tend to care more for others than themselves. They can live in hardships, but can never see anyone else bearing it.

beautiful lips collage

Irregular cupid’s bow

Irregular cupid lip

Emotion is the major trait of people with this kind of lip shape. Their emotional side gets them a lot of attention and makes them the apple of the eyes. But, when it comes to themselves, they do not give any consideration. They basically do not care for themselves the way they care for others.

Plump lips

Plumped lip

Self-centered, attention seeker, over dramatic are the traits of people with the plump lips. But, they are the lover of the spotlight and tend to perform extremely well in whatever task they are into.

Equally thickened lips

Equally thickened lips

Women with this kind of lip shape are the ones who give their family the first priority. They are said to be very homely and have mother-like traits, which means they like to take care of everyone around them. It makes them a favorite and the caretaker of the group. Women with such lip share are more of a giver than a taker.

Thick low lip

Thick low lip

A spoilt brat is what people with this lip shape can be called. They love to be pampered and enjoy every situation to the fullest. They are adventurous, sporty, and also love excitement.

Thick upper lip

Thick upper lip

Lover of drama and over reactions are the people with this kind of lip shape. When people with this shape tend to play with their lips, it’s very easy to judge that they are playing selfish on their part. These people know the difference between right and wrong, but even then end up being mean for their own personal benefits.

Invisible upper lip

Invisible upper lip

People with this shape are purely workaholics. They can cross any boundaries just to achieve the target given. They can overpower their family bonds, just to be super professional.

Large mouth

Large mouth

People with this shape are the most helpful people. They may not know how to show happiness but, in times of sadness, they will never leave a person alone. A kind heart with an open mind makes them the good and happy soul that anyone needs to be with.

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