What Does Your Handbag Tell About You?

Handbags are the most important accessory that we carry. Like our clothes our handbags too can make or break our image. I switch handbags quite often, but I find always find myself gravitating to similar styles and that is what led me to find out if it is a personality thing. You know that there is a deeper meaning to why we gravitate toward and carry the bags we do. Our handbag of choice reveals a lot about our personality. Read on to find out.

What does your Handbag tell about you?

Classic tote: You carry a neat, well structured bag with all the necessary items in it. You’re ready to take on the world and always come prepared. You tend to be a planner and don’t like to get stuck without something you might need. You’re the kind of style-setter that is drawn to timeless, clean, sophisticated silhouettes.

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Sleek sling bag: You are straight forward and don’t like unnecessary fuss. You like to feel free and prefer looking stylish at all times, you do appreciate the finer things in life.

kiara pink stole and golden bag

Hobo purse: Your purse is like a multi-utility van. You leave your house fully prepared to survive anything, a small bottle of water and some eatable might also find a space in your bag. Your friends would probably describe your style as boho chic.

Your Handbag says a Lot AboutYou

Clutches: You aren’t bothered by necessities and needs, you prefer taking care of your luxuries instead. You’re glamorously girly and love to wear flirty dresses, skirts and high heels whether you’re hitting the town or just heading to work.

YourHandbag says a Lot About You

Crossbody bag: You’re a less-is-more type of girl. You appreciate the simple things in life. All you need is your wallet and your smartphone and you’re ready to roll.

crossbody bag

Here are few points that should be kept in mind before picking up a bag.

• Match the formality, satin works for formal, but not casual.
• Relate the colours of your bag and your outfit. Choose colours that don’t clash to provide an accent colour.
• Relate the size of the bag with the purpose, day bags are larger than evening bags.

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9 thoughts on “What Does Your Handbag Tell About You?

  1. Interesting. But how can a bag describe/define the personality.
    I might carry one bag during the day and a clutch in the evening.
    Next day, I might change my bag according to my attire or social engagement or my need.
    How can a bag define me?

    1. LOL!! I was wondering the same :-)) But I think what the article should say is which bag style you prefer the most out of all the hundred and one bags you have? 😀

  2. Errrr what about bag freaks like I am 😉 Confused personality?? Coz barring a few from the aforesaid list, I have all 😛

  3. nice but i seem to have all kinds of bags in all the basic colors and materials….. depending on my mood and need, i carry different types of bags to different places everyday 🙂

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