What Every Woman Should Do Before Hitting 30!

Hello Sunshines!

How many of us have already crossed this line? Just kidding… I know we should never as a woman’s age! I still have few more years to hit 30.I sometimes wonder what have I actually done in life! Many a times we girls forget about our dreams and aspirations and start running after life and take it the way it comes to us!
While in college I was very ambitious and had lots in mind that I wanted to do. But now after being married for 6 good years and having a daughter… it took me a lot of time to think about the things that I really want do before I turn 30! I had been wanting to write this article for over a week now!


I’ve thought a lot and prepared this list of to do things before turning 30! You might have already done a few. But this is a general list that each woman should do.

• Travel like crazy! I always wanted to see the world. I think this is high time I should pack a backpack and get going with my plans of going around the world and have some girly fun!

• Eat whatever you like without worrying about your weight! Try different cuisines from around various parts of our own country. Once that is complete, we can definitely try our world recipes!

• Try different looks. Get out of that monotonous life and add some zing to it by exploring different looks. I would definitely want to color my hair and go really short with my tresses!

• Pursue your passion! In the race of life and day to day chores, we forget about our dreams. It’s time to live your dreams girls!

• Learn driving a four wheeler and own one!


• Stop taking crap from your boss! I have been wanting to do this for a long time.

• Give a good one to back biters. Get away from negative people and don’t forget to tell that that you know!

• Be completely independent. It feels great to be independent in all aspects of life, be it financially or emotionally. Start taking your own decisions.

• Shop till you drop! I would want to shop just for myself one day without thinking twice and choosing between stuff!

• Stay with your girlfriends for a week and party hard!

• Take a vacation from everything and go to your favourite place with your favourite company. Don’t forget to forget your cell phone at home!

woman vacation

• Cleanse your body. Stay away from junk for a month and enjoy the results. I really need to do this one starting today!

• Try out an adventurous activity that would scare the hell out of you! You can try bungee jumping or cliff jumping to start with!

• Last but not the least, start using anti-ageing products to keep your skin glowing and healthy even after you hit 30!

These are few things that are on my mind and I would like to do. Let me know your secret wishes in the comments below!

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2 thoughts on “What Every Woman Should Do Before Hitting 30!

  1. Awesome Tanya 😀
    evn I have few mooorrreee years to turn 30 😛 , definitely have to do some things from this list before i hit 30 🙂 I would start with not eating junk for a month, lets see how far I will succeed 🙂

  2. Good one Tanya! 🙂
    Some additions to list-
    1. Try developing hobbies like book reading or music or dance. These help in boosting self confidence and help person to be happy in one’s company.
    2. Quit a bad habit and replace it with good one like hitting gym 4-5 days a week 😉

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