What makeup and clothes to carry for a Summer Vacation?

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Aruna Asks :


This is for all the IMBB’ians in and out of India. I have planned a vacation to the US next month with another friend of mine (girl) from office – kind of like a girly trip. I have lived there before for many years and wanted to go down memory lane before my visa expired. I plan to visit Atlanta (sis and family live there), West Coast (San Fran, some parks, mountains etc) and New York (my favouritest place in the whole wide world) SO my question being that it is going to be summer at this time and I want to pack light and wear the right makeup given that it will be summer time.

What would you all recommend? Would love any more suggestions from you.. also plan to shop. Products from ELF and Bobbi Brown definitely on my list

These are my choices of clothes and makeup.

Clothes –

rati beauty ad

Denim capris – my butt sticks out but what heck!!!

White shirt

White denim skirt – plan to wear it for a barbeque my sis is planning on having.

Couple of tshirts

Blue jeans ofcourse

Kurtis – would like to avoid though it might be a practical thing to wear in the US


Tinted moisturizer for sure – heard such good reviews about it recently

Peach/Plum lipstick – one light shade and one dark-

Sunscreen – picked up the Lakme one for oily skin – SPF 30 I think

Compact powder

Usual cleaning routine – oil of olay cleanser, TBS seaweed toner, TBS scrub, Lotus Herbals nutranite night cream

Let me know. Can’t wait to hear back from you all..thanks in advance.

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17 thoughts on “What makeup and clothes to carry for a Summer Vacation?

  1. Definitely get some MUFE products. Visit Premier outlets in the state that you are visiting for markdown products including makeup. Try visiting TJ Maxx or Marshall for some markdown perfume or some nice trinkets or handbags( I wouldnt purchase clothes from there). Try getting some BOGO drugstore makeup since it is quite expensive here in India.

    I would avoid the kurtis cos its summer there. Try taking something else.

    Have a nice Vacation Dear..

    1. Thanks Manisha..I definitely plan to visit TJ Maxx, Marshall and probably even Target. Sis picks some good stuff from these places all the time. July 4th sale would be over so I would have missed that.

      ya in genenral i want to avoid indian stuff especially if i can get away wearing skirts and all 🙂


  2. hey Aruna, will meet and shop tomorrow all these from Inorbit. I am super happy you going to US. The place I lived and would like to live the rest of my life….will talk talk talk and talk tomorrow.

    Your clothes are good enuf to wear but please include a nice bright cardigan in your collection of clothes, they just so gooooood and a overcoat/summer coat some slingback open toe shoes, they are good for official and casual outings. Make up part is good, but take some good strong moisturizer for hands and feet.

    1. hey Akhila!!. i am looking forward to tomorrow myself. it was so much fun talking to you on the phone. i am super super excited. I have a few things on my list and we’ll shop tomorrow.

      i think the cardigan is a good idea. one never knows when it will come of use..maybe for an evening out 🙂

  3. cotton!!!!!!!!! :announce: for me pure cotton is d “the” most essential “need” ..be it krti’s ( :specs: recommendation- lifestyle stores,amazin price n variety as me totally digging it nwr days ), loose ( not too ill fitting but neither body fitted :heh: )fitting cotton tees can be teamed up with jeans / summer shorts..

    for me – i basically avoid wearing jeans n m more comfortable in cotton kurtis and leggings in various summery colors- ( pastels n prints)
    n as for makeup – i go “basic” – CTM following by applying sunscreen gel n eye pencil/e/shadow in beige , lippy :teddy: :teddy:

    1. i think in the coming weeks i want to try and try all the stuff i plan to wear. would be fun and since I plan to shop anyways here and there I know I will have more clothes to wear. i should pack light for sure.

      We also plan to do one nice dinner out so i am planning to take one formal outfit like pants and a nice top or a dress maybe..i am soooooooooo excited…

      1. Yes pack really light cos you know you will have a lot more to carry when you come back. Believe me, I never realized the luggage I had to carry when I came back . I was utterly shocked I had shopped so much that it wouldnt fit my bag and I had to throw a lot of unused clothes and other things before returning.

    2. n since u r going to US- carry cotton shirts..peddle pushers,black trouser(as can be teamed with casul tee in morning n elegant shirt for formal evenings,a nice tunic style dress (for BBQ)nwr days wedge heels r soo “IN” carry atleast one n comfy sneakers for all d sight seeing..n buy lodz of goodies frm VS(Victoria secret),bobby brown,visit sephora..

  4. Oops I just read your question again. I have heard SPF 50 for North america as the sun rays are more harsher there( if you are planning for outdoor activities).
    Light colored clothes or summer like turquoise or yellow.

  5. Aruna…you forgot perfume…..pack a light daytime perfume too :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: have lots of fun Aruna and shop till you drop :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

    1. 🙂 perfume ofcourse..i just didnt list the more obvious ones 😉

      i will i will shop..dollar stores for gifts??? how cheap na? 😀

  6. arunaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
    NYC SAN FRAN!ballleeeeeeeeeeeee balle
    plz get me somethng from the pier or giradali!
    khi khi ki
    as for packing do not forget the crisp white shirt with ur capris open it or wear a coloured tank top,sandals.you oh so comfy shoes
    ummmm carry your basic pink lip gloss.you can neevr go wrong with just a hint of pink on your lips.
    ample kohl.if you do not have time to do your face.kajal is all you need.

    and do carry your denim jacket and few long tops with tights(coloured or printed with florals)
    and one big speedy style bag!!!

    and again :jiggy1: :jiggy1: :jiggy1: :jiggy1: :jiggy2: :jiggy2: :jiggy2: :jiggy2: :jiggy2: :jiggy2: :jiggy2: :jiggy2: :jiggy2:

    i LOVE the golden gate and san fran!

    1. i have so much shopping to do after reading all your posts..i might have a totally different list now 🙂 :happydance:

      on my oily skin most makeup will melt if I am not smart about it. and obviously i have to take tons of pics to put on FB ..sometimes i think i go to places just to put pics on FB :lol2: ..will send some to IMBB naturally :haanji:

  7. awwa runa take so very many pictures and keep your skin happy.take lacto calamine and some mateflyng foundation
    :teddy: :teddy: :teddy: :teddy: :teddy:

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