What Not To Do While Dieting

We all must have tried dieting at least once in our lives. Most of us must have followed some crazy crash-dieting to drop those extra kilos before some special occasions or wedding or a function. Although, we might not admit, but we have felt the effects of those crazy diets, the headaches, nausea, fatigue and the absurd weight gain patterns after the diet, and dull skin and hair. It is not uncommon to hear that someone fainted or somebody ended up in hospital due following a wrong diet or some other weight loss course.


So today, I am going to share some tips and points which should be kept in mind while following any diet or workout regime. We should not exert insane amount of pressure on our body to achieve certain target weight or look, it has to be gradual and obviously, a healthy process.

1. Never switch off carbs completely out of your diet:


Carbohydrates are the most important nutrient that has to be included in your diet plan. Carbohydrate is the nutrient which provides, muscles and hence your body, energy to perform movement and other functions. So without carbohydrates in your diet, your body will pretty soon be exhausted and you will face fatigue or tiredness very easily. Don’t binge, but make sure to include it in proper amounts.

2. Sugar is also important:

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Yes, you heard it right. Our most important brain solely works on one thing, glucose. We get glucose either from sugar or from some other form of carbohydrates. It does not mean that you add 2 tsp of sugar in your chai instead of 1, for faster working of your brain, no don’t do that. Sugar is present in a lot of things especially fruits, so make sure that you have some sort of intake of sucrose or glucose.

3. Never skip meal or stay hungry for long time:


If you skip a meal, you will most probably end up binge eating, and as a result, bloat. I faced this problem until I learnt my lesson to eat in moderation. This is very important. In fact, skipping a meal is harmful for your body. Our body needs nourishment at regular intervals and we deprive them of it by skipping meals, hence incorrect metabolic process start taking place in our body which leads to tiredness, weakness, undernourishment and henceforth. Always eat something, be it a fruit or a sugar-free biscuit, cracker, or something every 2-3 hrs of course in moderation.

4. Never follow a diet plan or workout regime on hearing basis:

Always meet a dietitian and an expert before starting a new regime or changing to a new one. Every person has a different requirement. Every body type differs as their target differs and hence their method would too. So just because your friend or your sister follow a diet plan, you should not follow it blindly. A dietitian will know what exactly your body needs, which protein has to be increased or vitamin, or what form of carbohydrate has to be stopped better than we do.

5. Never over exert yourself physically:


Never ever strain yourself excessively in order to reduce weight faster. In fact, you have to be really careful if you are starting or changing a workout plan. Working out without supervision for a stretch of 1.5 or 2 or more hours will obviously put strain on your body, which will put strain on your heart and brain. It is so commonly heard that he/she experienced heart burn after jogging continuously, or she fainted or blacked out. These are commonly heard about the actresses, it is obviously because of the haywire regime of theirs.

6. Don’t blindly follow or start medicine shown in the advertisement:

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The weight reducing medicines or tea shown in the television advertisements are nothing but a hoax. Do not go and order some for yourself or somebody just for the sake of trying. You do not know how the unknown medicines/chemicals might affect you. Weight loss is a gradual process which includes proper diet and exercising and cannot be speed-up with the help of any chemicals, without hindering your metabolism in some way.

7. Liposuction:


Liposuction can get botched up at times, leading to various infections or other critical conditions at other times. Don’t go for all the surgical procedure or removal or enhancements. You are great just as you are.

8. Ditch juice diet, bulimia, anorexia:


You do not have to have a stick thin figure. A lot of girls go through all the above mentioned crazy things to attain that impossible figure. These things a dangerous. Our body needs proper nutrition, and these methods deprive our body from it. You might get the stick thin legs or impossibly small hip or waist, but you are losing a much more important thing, your health, your life. The models sporting that kind of figure might look hot on television but they look horrible in real-life and their face completely lacks shine and glow, that’s not attractive. Maintain a healthy diet.

9. Do not blindly follow the advt. (reduce xyz kg in xyz weeks):

Do not join any place or institution blindly on their blasphemous slogans. Make sure the intuition is a well known one. I won’t name any organizations but I have heard that many women who joined a place (they claimed 8 kg or some loss in 1 month) had faced a lot of problems in conceiving children. I don’t know if there is a proper link to this, but why take the risk. Always opt for the normal workout plan. With proper diet and workout regime, you will surely achieve it. If you wish to lose more weight then simply join earlier.

We are human beings and on top of that we are Indians, we are known for our curves. Exercise helps us tone and shape our body, while proper diet ensures we get the correct nutrition for a healthy body. Get to know what should be your weight according to your height and age and just maintain that.

Eat healthy and workout moderately with the help or suggestion of an expert. It is important to stay healthy but even more important to love your body. Work patiently and dedicatedly in a healthy way and surely you will reach your target. And even if you don’t, trust me a bit of a heavy butt or boobs or thighs won’t necessarily look that bad, in fact I don’t think a bit of any of those things will look bad, god was generous for you to enjoy it.

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