What NOT to Wear to an Indian Wedding

We all do endless researches on the internet when we have got a wedding ceremony to attend. Matching accessories, complementary colors and fabulous makeup – we want everything to be on fleek. But have you ever thought that what you should NOT wear to a wedding ceremony? Do you know what can help you get all the wrong kind of attention? So, let’s have a look at what all should you avoid when you are attending a wedding!


Too many bright colors


Of course, it’s the wedding time and you want to wear your bright clothes, but make sure that you don’t get overdressed in those bright clothes; else you will end up looking mismatched and unpolished. Look how graceful these Bollywood divas are looking in their beautiful ivory colored dresses!

Ornamental headbands


These blingy hair accessories are for the bride. Don’t try to compete with the bride and let her look unique or most beautiful. She deserves maximum compliments on her big day, after all. Look for a small and understated accessory if you must use one.

Uncomfortable footwear

All of us wear high heels to weddings but make sure you are comfortable in them. Most of the weddings involve a lot of work and dance, so choose something comfortable yet stylish.

Too much black or white

Black and white are considered to be the un-auspicious colours when it comes to weddings. So, it’s best to avoid white and black. Yes, you can include these two colors in your outfits and even opt for lighter shades like ivory.

Outrageously s8xy


You might have worked out way too hard in the gym but Indian weddings are not the right place to show off too much skin. Dress modestly by keeping the occasion in mind.

Too much of gold


Indians are obsessed with gold and own way too much of it. But wearing too much gold in form of jewellery calls for unwanted attention. Wear minimal and graceful jewellery or opt for heavy artificial jewellery.


Indian weddings call for those gorgeous ethnics. Don’t spoil the fun by wearing jeans. Ditch your regular western wear and give ethnics a shot. Even if you’re not a fan of sarees and lehangas, you can opt for Indo-Western or simple suits.

OTT makeup


OTT makeup is not a thing, even for the weddings. Always remember – less is more. Try to highlight just one feature and keep others subtle to look beautiful.

Red sarees


You know red is the colour for brides, especially on their wedding day. Again, let the bride get and enjoy all the attention. Please stay away from red outfits even if you are a newlywed.

Short dresses

Indian shaadis are the time when there is an overdose of senior family members, especially all those nagging aunts. So, you should maintain a safe distance from the short dresses. Plus, there is a lot of chores to do. Keep those short dresses for your regular life.

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