What NOT to Wear to Remain Elegant and Comfortable during Pregnancy

Kareena Kapoor, Anushka Sharma, Genelia Dsouza are some actresses who have proven that it is possible to remain stylish and fashionable even during pregnancy. But on the other hand, some clothing items should be completely abandoned by pregnant women so as to prevent any fashion faux pas, and that’s why we have compiled a list of what not to wear to remain elegant and comfortable during pregnancy.

Extremely Loose Outfits

What NOT to Wear to Look Stylish and Remain Comfortable during Pregnancy7

Keep one thing in your mind. Your pregnancy does not mean that you are not visible and you can wear anything during maternity period. Wearing loose clothes does not guarantee ample comfort for your baby bump. All you need is to carry clothes that are well fitted and keep a space for your budding tummy. Wearing loose clothes is not the solution.

High Heels (including wedges)


Ignoring high heels is not only required, but also necessary no matter  how pro high-heel walker you are. Come on, ladies! It is just a matter of three trimesters and nothing is important than your baby and your health. Just think that surrendering heels for 9 months will let you experience the glory of maternity safely. It is not only about style, it will keep your bones healthy too.

Textured Dresses 

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I saw one of Kim Kardashian’s maternity images while sitting in a discussion with my cousin. She was wearing a black feathered dress, but she could not succeed in flattering her baby bump with that textured outfit. Sometimes, it is good to keep it simple than ending up with embarrassment.


What NOT to Wear to Look Stylish and Remain Comfortable during Pregnancy1

Do you know what I love the most about peplums? I just love the way a peplum defines the body shape of a girl and especially waist. It is an apt apparel for girls with rectangle body shape but expecting women should better keep peplums away from their closets. A lot of peplum dresses and tops have elastic on the waist area, which obviously can hamper your bump.

High Waisted Pants and Skirts 

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Even though a girl is smart enough to make a decision about high waisted outfits during pregnancy, I have seen women doing this mistake without guilt. High waisted clothes don’t support your bump enough. So the solution is to go for specially tailored pants and skirts, meant only for pregnant women.

Velvet and Satin

What NOT to Wear to Look Stylish and Remain Comfortable during Pregnancy5

Yes ladies! Even fabrics matter. Your baby bump needs to breathe through your clothes but satin and velvet clothes are not the right choice for you. If you browse the internet, you will find that special maternity clothes are made from the combination of Lycra and cotton  fibres.

Uncomfortable Undies

What NOT to Wear to Look Stylish and Remain Comfortable during Pregnancy6

Increased bust size is one of the changes that take place in women’s body during pregnancy. So, pregnant women are required to pick their underwear vigilantly because any sort of discomfort may lead to severe problems. Switching to special maternity undies is the best way to get out of this concern.

Pregnancy is a blissful experience, so live it to the fullest and make your maternity more special with cool and comfortable dressing styles.

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