What To Use For Hair Thinning

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Today, I am back with a post on “what to use for hair thinning.” Hair thinning is a very common issue for women who are in their post-partum phase or sometimes due to hormonal imbalance too. Stay tuned to know some quick fixes and treatments to get your natural gorgeous locks back again 🙂

What To Use For Hair Thinning

1. Include more vitamin B12 in your diet:

To reverse hair loss and increase the strength of your luscious strands, you might want to pop in a capsule or two of Vitamin B 12 as it is needed for almost every process that occurs in our body; maintaining the health of our hair being one of them. Some vitamin B-12 rich foods that you may want to add in your diet are shell fish, liver, crab, fortified soy products, fortified cereals, dairy and eggs.

2.  Massage regularly:

A proper massage by an experienced masseuse can increase blood flow in your scalp, aid relaxation and boost the strength of hair roots. Apart from which it also helps in shedding the dead and damaged hair and boosts the growth of healthy and thick hair strands. Even if you don’t have time to get a full-blown massage at a spa, try massaging your hair and scalp for a few more minutes while you are shampooing in the shower next time because every small effort counts.

3.  Fake it till you make it:

If you want a quick fix ahead of an important event lined up, consider talking to your stylist and ask them what hairstyle will give volume to your hair, make them look livelier and also suit your face shape. However, in normal day-to-day life, cut down use of hair dryer and other styling tools that use heat as it can damage hair further and make them prone to breakage and split ends.

4.  Try supplements like Biotin:

Biotin, scientifically known as Vitamin B7 is an essential vitamin that keeps our skin, hair, and nails healthy. Biotin acts as a co-enzyme in the body that is needed for the metabolism of fatty acids, amino acids and glucose all of which are essential for healthy hair. Sometimes, your body might not be getting enough of Biotin from the natural sources or might not be able to absorb it fully. Fret not girlies, today biotin pills are easily available in the market and can come to your rescue. However, keep a check on their use as they are known to be notorious for pimple and acne-prone skin and can worsen their problems.

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5.  Minoxidil:

Minoxidil promotes hair re-growth in patients who suffer from bald spots or hair thinning. Minoxidil dilates the blood vessels inside your scalp, which in turn promotes hair follicle function and stimulates hair growth. In easier terms, Minoxidil enhances the size of your hair follicle and makes it produces a thicker strand of hair. Studies show that about 50 percent of patients, who consumed Minoxidil have shown positive results shortly after.

6.  Viviscal:

Viviscal consists of fish protein, Vitamin C, Zinc, Biotin and niacin all of which are known to produce effects in your body so that it produces better and healthier hair strands.

7.  Cortison injections:

Getting cortisone injections can be extremely painful but rest assured, the results that follow up are worth all that pain. When injected directly into your scalp, cortisone starts killing the hormones responsible for the thinning of your hair in the first place and makes way for some healthy and silky hair to sprout up.

8.  Peppermint and Sage Essential Oils:

If you want to treat your hair the natural way, then peppermint and sage oil might come to your rescue. Sage, known as Salvia officinalis in the scientific world and is known to treat hair dandruff and hair loss issues. While peppermint on the other hand known as “mentha” is famous for binding to the hair roots keeping them moisturized and improving your overall scalp health.

9.  Say yes to vitamin C:

Vitamin C is one of the most important and effective nutrient that you should incorporate in your diet if you are suffering from hair thinning or hair loss issues. Vitamin C works by helping build collaen in your body which is essential and highly important for your hair’s growth and good health. Some foods that are rich in Vitamin C include oranges, red pepper, broccoli and strawberries.

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10.  Egg and aloe vera mask:

Aloe vera is believed to be a great remedy for hair fall, dandruff and stunted hair growth whereas egg is the best source of protein and biotin. It can help you get rid of all hair-related issues. To benefit from these two magical ingredients, extract aloe vera pulp and mix it together with the contents of an egg to make a runny hair mask and apply it to your wet hair for 30 minutes twice a week for the best results.

That’s it for today girlies, hope this helps. ☺

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