What To Use for Perfect Eyebrows

By Unnati S.

Have you been trying too hard to get perfect eyebrows? What do you think ‘perfect’ eyebrows are? Just thicker, well-shaped brows or something much more than that? Here’s how to get and what products (basic-ones) to use (step-by-step) for perfect eyebrows!

What To Use for Perfect Eyebrows

1. Castor oil + Essential oil:
Before you skip to style your eyebrows to get them perfect, you should ensure that they are healthy and nourished. And how do you do that? “Eyebrow care” might not need more than just an overnight treatment. You don’t have to invest real-time to care for your eyebrows; you can do that while you sleep.

Homemade castor oil eyelash serum

How to do:  Before you sleep, simply dab some castor oil into your eyebrows. Castor oil is known to make eyebrows thicker, fuller and darker. An overnight castor-oil treatment is enough for the best results.
And in case, you are an essential oil lover – just a mix a drop essential oil with castor oil and mask your eyebrows into it. Wash off with lukewarm water in the morning.
Product Recommendation: Plain castor oil or SheaMoisture Jamaican black castor oil.

2.  A basic pencil to adjust the length:
The length and thickness of the eyebrows matters – it matters a real lot. You should not be having eyebrows that are too long, neither should they be too short. Use a brow pencil to adjust the angles. As you get the right length, mark a dot with the pencil. The eyebrow should start from your eye’s tear duct with an angle of about 30 degrees to the left. The eyebrows should end nearly anywhere according to the shape of your face. It is the best to keep the length of your eyebrows about a centimetre away from the spindle end of your eye. Now, that the width of your eyebrow is going to remain what it is, brushing up them in upward direction would make your realise the actual width/thickness of your brow.

Best products to use/IMBB recommendations:
MAC Stud Eye Brows Pencil
Chanel Crayon Sourcils Sculpting Eyebrow Pencil

3.  An eyebrow brush:  Brushing up your eyebrows would help you to tame up your unruly brow hair into a neat look so that it is easier to shape them. You do not just use an eyebrow brush to fill your eyebrows. It’s important to keep your strands neat before doing anything else. Plus, this would help you to know if some of your eyebrow strands are longer than the other. If they are, you can just cut them off with a scissor or other tools. An angular brush generally is more helpful. If you do not have an eyebrow brush, you can substitute it with an old mascara applicator. Because, you’re just getting the eyebrows strands neat and as far as it works, you can use anything you are comfortable with.

Products to use/IMBB recommendations:
Sigma E 65 Eyebrow Brush
Vega Brush PB 08

4.  An eyebrow pencil/spoolie: Using an eyebrow, you can draw a desired eyebrow shape. Just keep your desired shape in control so that it looks natural. Do not force an eyebrow shape that would not suit you. Use an eyebrow pencil to draw the shape.

Products to use/IMBB recommendations: Anastasia Brow Wiz, Urban Decay Microfine Brow Pencil

Urban Decay brow definer

5. A scissor and tweezers:
When you’re done with brushing your hair in upward direction and you finally know which strands have to be cut off, use a scissor and gently cut the unwanted strands and even out the length of all the strands. This part will help you to adjust the thickness/width of your eyebrows. Use scissor/tweezers to shape your eyebrow according to your facial shape. Do not shape them according.

6.  An eyebrow filler:  Generally, an eyebrow pencil can be used for filling the eyebrows, but wait, eyebrow filler will help you to transform your undefined eyebrows. You should always start by filling the bottom part (the part where your eyebrows start) of your eyebrow. Fill the former part nicely and then use an eyebrow brush to comb the eyebrows strands of the latter part. Preferably, you should comb them is downward SW direction. Time to fill in the latter part as well. Always stroke the eyebrow pencil in the direction of hair growth!

A woman applying brow pencil

Products to use/IMBB recommendations:
Jordana Brow Powder Duo
NYX Eyebrow Cake Powder

Brow powder

7.  An eyebrow gel:
Now that, you have your perfect eyebrows, set them in place with your favourite gel. Just like a hair spray keeps hair set, to keep your eyebrow at a place – eyebrow gel works wonders.

Products to use:
Essence 02 Browny Brows Make Me Brown Eyebrow Gel

This is how you get ‘perfect eyebrows’ – healthy, stylish and full of glam. Which is your favourite product to perfect-ify your eyebrows? Let us know in the comments below.

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