What To Wear With Red Jeans: Ask IMBB

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Chandrani Sarkar asks:


I really want to buy a pair of red jeans, but kind of confused about what top or what color of tops to match it up with, please advice 🙂

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11 thoughts on “What To Wear With Red Jeans: Ask IMBB

  1. I wear red jeans a lot – I`d say you can pair it up with a jewel purple tone silk top , or wear a navy blue turtleneck with it , or a jet black one shoulder top , or a white silk shirt – all these combos will look fantastic with it. You can also combine red jeans with ethnic toned long tops – especially jewelled earthy tones looks brilliant with a pair of red jeans.

    1. I was also gng 2 say navy blue…. 🙂 … i luv dat combo…. n completely agree wid jomol on white n peach chiffon as well… 🙂

  2. Where is our stylist cum model Rati …today 🙂 .. ill say jus go with ur mood ..free will hehhe .. pppl are rockin everything 🙂 and all comboz r working 🙂

  3. If you’re not one to experiment a lot, then stick to basics. Whites and blacks- be it tanks, or tees, or shirts or blouses- they will all look good with a classic pair of red denims. Once you get a hang on it, start pushing the boundaries, and begin to experiment with contrasting colors- navy blue, yellow, purple, green. Keep your accessories simple, and let the jeans do all the talking!! 🙂

  4. i pair my red pants with multicolr stripes and chiffon cream n peachy color top..luks osm..black shirt yet to try n m sure wud luk so nice

  5. i wore a black polka dot shirt with my burgundy jeans and wore black shoes with hoop earrings. Turned out to be a pretty nice combination. I love the chiffon and peach idea from Jomol. that might look very classy actually.

  6. Plain white or black would be safe bet to start with. Then u can step on to the next level with polka dots or stripes…look really chic and then start experimenting more with some more colors 🙂

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