What Were These Actresses Thinking?

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Our beautiful Bollywood divas look perfect most of the time. They make and break styles every single day but sometimes they can go horribly wrong with their outfits. In today’s post I will tell you about what not to follow when it comes to fashion 😛

What Were These Actresses Thinking? Worst dressed


What Were These Actresses Thinking Kajol

Although she has improved her dressing sense a lot since the old times, but this picture proves otherwise. This ill-fitting satin dress looks absolutely horrible and does nothing to hide her broad frame and not so fit body! Her choice of footwear does nothing to salvage her night.

Zareen Khan

What Were These Actresses Thinking Zarine

I really don’t know what she was thinking when she chose to wear this sheer top. It makes my eyes ache with pain; LITERALLY. Someone should have stopped her from stepping out of her home looking like such a disaster.

Huma Qureshi

What Were These Actresses Thinking Huma

Sorry Huma, your beautiful face couldn’t rescue your horrible choice of outfit. She looks like a moving balloon in this dress.

Kareena Kapoor Khan

What Were These Actresses Thinking Kareena Kapoor

Okay, she looks like a hippie in this horrendous outfit. I hope real life begums do not dress like her! And what’s with that scarf? Any thoughts ladies?

Prachi Desai

What Were These Actresses Thinking Prachi Desai

Everything is going wrong with this pretty women’s sari. Her hairdo looks like a primary school girl, weird sari, thick rimmed glasses and even weirder blouse or a sweater. I don’t know what that is!

Vidya Balan

What Were These Actresses Thinking Vidya Balan

Bollywood’s worst dressed list is incomplete without Mrs. Balan. It’s hard to choose one of her many disastrous outfits. So after researching, I chose the one that she wore at Cannes. I am okay with the lehenga but I don’t know why she wore that dupatta over her head? Her high neck blouse and middle partition are making matters worse.

Ekta Kapoor

What Were These Actresses Thinking? Ekta Kapoor

She is also a regular in this list and certainly the queen of consecutive fashion disasters. I have no comments about this school girl like dress of hers. Lets see if you do 😛

Sonam Kapoor

What Were These Actresses Thinking? Sonam Kapoor

She experiments with her choice of clothes a lot. She manages to hit bull’s eye most of the time she with her fashion choices. But this time, it was the other way round. This leopard print dress which is so unflattering to her curves, is a completely no no for a fashionista like her.

Sunny Leone

What Were These Actresses Thinking? Sunny Leone

I thought her adult film days were over but looking at this eyesore, I guess not! Her dress is revealing a little too much and leaving nothing to the imagination.

Divya Dutta

What Were These Actresses Thinking? Dolly

Unflattering sari, disastrous full sleeved sheer blouse and bad makeup equals fashion disaster in making!

Swara Bhaskar

What Were These Actresses Thinking?

A shiny skirt with dull pants are not working for this petite actress at all. Garish makeup with those glasses is making the matters worse!

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  1. OMG vandana how did you create this post 😀 thumbs up for your effort !!!!
    it was a real pain going through the pics 😀

  2. Forget celebrities, any random person won’t step out in this kinda outfits! One quick scan in the mirror would’ve saved them from this kinda embarrassment!somebody send these beauties full length mirrors 😀

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