What you Should Have on Your Bedside Table

If there’s one thing that I like doing post shower at night, it is sitting on my bed by my bedside table and slathering on beauty products. Having things by your bed will ensure that you will not skip anything even if you are dead tired after your hectic day because they are all at arm’s reach from your comfy zone a.k.a bed :p

What you Should Have on Your Bedside Table

Here are the products you must have on your bedside table..

1. Your anti-problem serum /cream:

What you Should Have on Your Bedside Table

It could be your anti-acne cream, anti-tan gel or anti-wrinkle serum, whatever is a must have in your skin care routine should find its place on your bedside table.

2. Hand cream, cuticle oil, cotton gloves:

What you Should Have on Your Bedside Table

Night is the best time for the perfect TLC for your hands because any cream applied during the day will easily wear off due to the huge amount of tasks our poor hands do. Face creams and body lotions stay put, but hand creams just don’t get their time during the day. Apply some cuticle oil for healthy growing cuticles and good looking nails. Finally pop on cotton gloves and let the products do their magic.

3. Body cream:

What you Should Have on Your Bedside Table

Either use body butters or cream from good brands or keep small bottles of nourishing oils like coconut, almond or olive oil to replenish your skin.

4. Foot cream, cotton socks:

What you Should Have on Your Bedside Table

For your poor feet that carry you everywhere and rest only in the hours to follow, this is the perfect time to slather on rich foot creams and cover them with socks so that they don’t spread onto your linen.

5. Lip balm:

What you Should Have on Your Bedside Table

Use products that have active ingredients that can work their way throughout the night without being disturbed. It could be rich in emollients if you have seriously dry lips or it could have anti pigmentation ingredients to remove any tan or discoloration.

6. Hair accessories:

No I am not talking about fancy clips and slides :p. Be it a scrunchie, a hair tie, a scarf or a night cap, whatever it is that keeps your hair in proper position and good shape so that you wake up with hair that you love, should be on your beside table.

7. Eye cream and eye mask:

What you Should Have on Your Bedside Table

Eye cream is a no brainer. But what will really help it work is eyes that are relaxed. If you sleep with someone who is on the laptop or phone till late, an eye mask will cut off the light and help your eyes relax.

8. Makeup remover wipes:

What you Should Have on Your Bedside Table

This is only for those days when you just have to hit the bed as soon as you get home. The least you can do is remove the makeup if not wash your face.

9. Pillow spray, aromatic candles, chamomile tea:

What you Should Have on Your Bedside Table

This is required only if you have trouble falling asleep. Pillow sprays have calming fragrances that calm your senses and encourage a good night’s sleep. Aromatic candles also leave calming fragrance notes. Chamomile tea calms you from within.

10. Water!!!

What you Should Have on Your Bedside Table

Nothing is good enough if your body is not hydrated. Your body should not be left thirsty for 8 hours. Drink water at least once in between your sleep (whenever you wake up in between).

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9 thoughts on “What you Should Have on Your Bedside Table

  1. Not on a bedside table, I keep almost all of these things in a bag and use many of these regularly before bed. It’s an interesting post Anjana. 🙂

  2. Nice article anjana… My bedside table has lip balm, foot cream and socks, hand cream, thyroid tablets, water bottle, mobile and charger (i know it is bad :p ) , a book/magazine, eye drops, spectacles in its case, tissue box, ipod shuffle and earphones, pepper spray, scrunchie….i cant recall more things.. Hehee.. Oh yes, and ac’s remote..

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