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Mehek asks:

Hi Everyone,

I came across IMBB 15 days ago and have become addicted to it. I check your site thrice a day as if it has been recommended to me by a doctor 😛 I have a few problems, please help me 🙂

I have done laser hair removal today, but came home without applying a sunscreen( I forgot to carry it).is it fine, now what can I do?Should I apply yogurt over my face or should I wait for a few hours before using any packs?

I have dark circles that came after a peel done 3 months ago.  They have come down a little, but I have to attend a marriage in 10 days time, so I want to get rid of them totally.  I read about Aroma Magic cream and bought the cream yesterday, I wish I had read it a month ago  🙁 🙁 Any more suggestions, using cucumber slices also.

I get acne, one or two pimples once in a while. But they don’t go away soon, they are just there for a month or so. Also they always leave behind blemishes, can you give me a sure shot way to cure this?

Right now am using Banjaras rose water, cetaphil cream, vitamin C serum (from IMBB), and now using Aroma Magic eye cream. Please reply.  Also, I would like to know skin routine of the readers.

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14 thoughts on “What’s Your Skin Routine: Ask IMBB

  1. apply milk powder,lemon and honey daily morning on your face..it will give a glow and smooth skin…rub tomatoes daily for 10 days so that you can get natural blush on cheeks by the wedding day….also rub lemon on ur legs as well as hands and elbows…to remone tan from them…this will make your skin soft….
    But i have a doubt here…i would like to know how vitamin c serum is suiting you..i have also started to apply them just 5-6 days back…and felt a little burning sensation…but i thought it will go away with time…but it didn’t..although it is tolerable…but from last 2 days i felt the skin around my mouth area dry nad today morning i realised ki it’s not dry but suffered a little cut kind of(I hope u all understand)…and when i apply the serum that area burns more..i am using 2 tabs celin,1 evion,gulab jal and glycerine..my skin is dryy and i use this solution for 1 time only…i make a fresh batch everytime…plzz help beauty gurus…

    1. Pallavi, I have tried this vitamin c serum for approx a month…i did not find any visible change…though it did not do any harm to me either…it dint fade any pigmentation but i got a little glowy skin with continuous use, maybe because of glycerin…
      i think u r putting too much celine(vit c) in ur serum for a single use…i used to put 2 tablets of celine for an entire week, this might be making ur skin dry, also dont forget to use sunscreen while u r using this serum as this makes skin more prone to sun damage as it becomes very sensitive…hope this helps.

      1. Thanks anuradha…i also think that i am increasing the quantity of Vitamin C….it is really making my skin very dry….but anyways i will again give this a try after some days with little Vitamin C…..lets c..actually i am very much tempted by the success stories….

  2. That’s a cause of worry that you forgot to apply sunscreen after this big treatment, sunscreen is a must for you, you can apply soothing ingredients found in kitchen like aloe vera gel if it suits you, curd, milk cream and haldi, etc.
    For dark circles, try potato juice, cucumbers and iced tea bags, if it’s green tea then great for you, one interesting exercise I’ll tell you for dark circles, make fist of both your hands, place it on the lower part of your back (both the fist should be grasping the backbone) and then push the skin upwards and your face should be facing upwards with eyes closed. Try this, it will work out, if you have any more queries, feel free to ask.

  3. If you have oily skin and your pimples are due to that, try using an oil free cleanser, use facia saffron gel, it works great and have omega-3 or fish oil supplements, hope that might help you in the long run dealing with pimples.

  4. @samreen :hi, will start with t aloo thing from today onwards. But am allergic to haldi n tomatoes. Also my skin has become so dry this winter that after using moisturiser thrice a day also it feels stretched after using pears face wash.
    @pallavi: hi, the serum is not doing anything for me .pigmentation is the same , in fact after using it I got 3 pimples ,mayb it’s the glycerine or rose water that is not suiting me. So stopped using it. Jab mei lemon aur honey lagati hon tab Bhi meri skin jalti hai.sometimes I still use it n then wash after 15 mins. So I don’t know what to do apart from this.
    U said that u use the entire serum on the same day…don’t do that…I think u r using too much. Maybe that’s y it burns n don’t use it on cuts.
    @ samreen: 4 litres of water? Really? How do u do that ? It’s chilly n I can’t gulp more than 2 litres at t most.
    Thank u both of u’ll …waiting for more.

  5. @arzoo: thanks for ur comment. The exercise that u mentioned is it there on the net? If yes what is it called? I am taking evion alternate days now. Shud I still take cod liver supplement? What is it for exactly?pimples, marks….?
    Well I don’t believe in the saffron creams in the market just because saffron is sooo expensive that I don’t think they can afford to put it in the creams or soaps.thanks again…

    1. No Mehek, don’t know whether it is there on the net or not, these supplements help with pimples basically, it’s just the name of the gel, don’t know about the saffron in it but it works pretty good in helping with marks, at least I had good results with it.

  6. I am undergoing laser hair reduction and I believe it is ok if you forgot to apply sunscreen once but now onwards you should make sure to use a good sunscreen (preferably with 40+ SPF). After each session of laser do not apply anything on your face for atleasts 24 hours (except for your day cream and sunscreen), you can wash your face with a mild cleanser.
    For dark circles you can use a gel made up of aloe vera, cucumber juice and vitamin E capsule (ruptured). It will soothe the skin around the eyes and help considerably with dark circles.
    Acne can be treated effectively if you follow a good skincare routine and drink lots of water. Try to include non-comedogenic products in makeup and skincare.
    I hope this helps *happydance*

  7. @mayuri : I am using a sunscreen with spf26+. It does not make my face sweaty. Can u suggest me one with higher SPF but will not make my skin oily n sweaty. Thanks…

  8. Use coarsely ground oats in your face pack. My friends tell me besan can get very drying during harsh winters (I don’t use it, am highly allergic to it). Ground oats, honey, curd (or milk cream) if your skin is excessively dry. Use this pack and your skin will glow. Will regular use (once in 2-3 days), it will fade your marks as well.

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