Which Fruit to Eat to Lose Weight?

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How are you all doing? I am doing great and I hope everything is ‘aweeesome’ at your end! Are you interested in losing weight? Ahh, lame question! Every woman is interested in losing weight, right? Well, today, we would be talking about which fruits you should consume to lose weight.

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Losing weight is one among the most difficult challenges we all face in our lives. Ever heard about shedding weight with water? Yes, it definitely works, especially when you include fruits which contain a high amount of water. With a large variety of fruits available in the market, it becomes extremely difficult to pick up the one which is weight-loss friendly as well as tasty. Right, girls?

So, don’t worry, because here I bring to you some of the quick tips to lose weight easily.

1. Watermelon:

watermelon and watermelon pieces in a wooden background.

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One among the best kind of fruits that can help to shed off the extra fat from the body easily is watermelon. Watermelon contains 97 percent water, which helps to keep your stomach filled for a long time. Also, it helps to improve lipid profiles and also helps to lower the accumulation of fats. Aah, the only thing you should consider is that watermelon contains a high amount of natural sugar, and hence, consuming sweets/sugar after watermelon should be prohibited.

2. Orange:

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Who doesn’t love oranges? Everyone loves this tangy fruit which is high in nutrient content and is also tasty. According to the health experts, orange is a low-calorie fruit which provides only 47 calories per 1000 grams, which can prove to be extremely beneficial in losing weight. This fruit will help to satiate your hunger, and also, keep your stomach filled for a long time, thus, preventing overeating.

3. Apple:

Ripe red apples on table close up

Like we have always heard, “Apple a day keeps the doctor away!” Similarly, an apple is not only helpful in keeping your body healthy, but it is one among the weight-loss friendly fruits. Apple is rich in Vitamin A and essential fibers, which can help to satiate the problems of emotional hunger. If feel hungry between the meals, munching a few slices of apple or eating a whole apple can keep your stomach filled.

4. Pear:

Group of Pears and half pear on white wooden planks with textile napkin, top view

Although pear is a seasonal fruit, its benefits on health are many! Pear is a storehouse of Vitamin C, which plays a major role in losing weight. Pear also contains a lot of fiber, which can help to keep your stomach filled, thus, curbing the hunger pangs. It also helps to keep your cholesterol level under control.

5. Avocado:

avocado on a dark wood background. tinting. selective focus

Another weight loss-friendly fruit that should be highlighted in this list is avocado. Avocados are not just beneficial in maintaining a healthy body but they prove to be an excellent fat burner as well. Avocados contain a high amount of monosaturated oleic acid which is the same type of fat found in olive oil. Due to a large amount of fiber and potassium found in avocados, they suppress the feeling of hunger, thus, helping in losing weight.

6. Berries:

Berries on Wooden Background. Summer Organic Berry over Wood. Agriculture, Gardening, Harvest Concept

May it be blueberry or raspberry; all kind of berries are very useful for losing weight. Blueberries, raspberries, cranberries or strawberries play a significant role in losing weight, thanks to the high amount of antioxidants and proteins present in them. Consuming one bowl of berries can help to cleanse your system completely, thus, keeping your body healthy. It helps to digest the food easily and also flushes out the toxins from the body. If not the whole fruit, you can drink berry smoothie with no sugar in it.

7. Grapefruit:

Juicy grapefruit pieces with fresh mint in a bowl, close up

Grapefruit is the recent black in the market, which looks similar to an orange! Consuming half grapefruit before meals can help to satiate your hunger, further stopping you from consuming the food. Grapefruit is a highlighted fruit which can help to keep your stomach filled, thus, aiding in weight loss. It also helps in the digestion process of your body for the day.

8. Banana:

A banch of bananas and a sliced banana in a pot over a table.

Yes ladies, bananas can also help to lose weight depending upon the quantity you consume. Bananas are healthy and tasty, which makes it very easy to be included in the regular routine. Be it banana shake or one whole banana, gulping down a single banana in morning is a good choice to start your day in a healthy manner. Bananas are rich in potassium and fiber which can help to lose weight. Also, it helps to lower the risk of heart disease and also boosts your immunity.

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