Who wears the hottest makeup among Tiger Woods’ Girlfriends? (Poll)

Tiger WoodsIf you are not aware of Tiger Wood’s s*x scandal. Then here it is for you

Golfer Tiger Woods has been exposed as a promiscuous s*x addict after the suspicious car crash on Thanksgiving, which was reportedly prompted by a marital discussion of his rumored affair with mistress #1, Rachel Uchitel. Since then, six other women have been linked to the golfer and the list doesn’t end here.

Tiger Woods Mistress List:

1. Rachel Uchitel
2. Jaimee Grubbs
3. Kalika Moquin
4. Jamie Jungers
5. Mindy Lawton

6. Cori Rist

7. Holly Sampson

8. Joslyn James (aka Veronica Siwik-Daniels)

9. Loredana Jolie

10. Julie Postle

11. Theresa Rogers

There are at least three more women who haven’t been identified yet: another VIP Club Hostess, who had a 2 year affair with Tiger from Orlando, Florida; a British TV broadcaster, Tiger’s fling when he is in London; and, finally, an older women described as a “s*x-addicted cougar”. So here are the pictures of Tiger Wood’s mistresses. There is a poll attached towards the end of the post. Do leave your comments in the comment box stating why you chose one over other. And since Tiger Wood’s had so many mistresses, you can choose two names while voting. Happy polling! 🙂 Tiger Woods Girlfriends Tiger Woods Girlfriends 2Tiger Woods Girlfriends [poll id=”2″] Image Source: Google Images


14 thoughts on “Who wears the hottest makeup among Tiger Woods’ Girlfriends? (Poll)

  1. Tyra Banks? When did he have an affair with Tyra Banks??! This is news to me! Wow..

    Frankly, I’d choose Tyra anyday.. I have always liked her and I just love watching her on ANTM as well as her talk show..

  2. Here is the news: 😛


    Dated: Tiger Woods, golfer

    In December 1996, just as Tiger Woods was going global, the two were at an event together. The media ran with “they’re dating” stories, but both parties vehemently denied it. What Banks didn’t deny was that soon after meeting Woods, she snuggled up with sprinter Michael Johnson.

  3. Omg that is a LOT of women! And they’re all hot! 😀
    What a “tiger”! LOL
    I think all wear makeup well except for #1 and #7 😉

  4. Tiger woods reminds me my ex .. yikes !!(em I divulging too many details .. anyone ?)

    not for the looks , the womanising (is that a word?)ways actually !
    and No , he didnt cheat me .. he just thot I am going around with his bestie (who incidentally happens to be my bestie too ..lol)

    irrelevant , I know !
    (blame my 12 hr long “sessions” with chemistry *sigh*)

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