Why 2023 is a Good Year To Lose Weight?

If you are one of those million people from around the world who had decided to wait till New Year to kickstart your weight loss journey, it’s a gentle reminder – it’s already January 1, people! It’s time to take action and make the move. Weight loss is the most common resolution that people make, but studies show that a majority of people who start their journey by taking expensive gym memberships, drop out within a few weeks, most of them by February. Experts have estimated that day to be around February 9th of every year, when people increase their weekly trips to fast food joints and quit hitting the gym. Weight loss is not about getting lean or fitting into a smaller size of jeans, it’s also about living a healthy lifestyle, lowering risk of life-threatening diseases, and also becoming better versions of ourselves. So, with so much data supporting failure of weight loss resolutions, what’s going to be different about 2023? To begin with, there’s more awareness about how just 10% weight loss lowers the risk of cardiovascular diseases, improves insulin sensitivity, cholesterol, and blood pressure. If you are still pondering about how to start, we are going to tell you why 2023 is a good year to lose weight and achieve your goals.

Why 2023 is a Good Year To Lose Weight

1. We are Now More Health Conscious: People are more conscious about their health, they are much aware about the increased risk of carrying around excess weight. Excess body fat increases the risk of type 2 diabetes and other chronic illnesses, and losing weight helps improves lab profile and health markers. According to studies, in India, there are close to 80 million people with diabetes and by the year 2045, this number will reach up to 135 million! There’s just about 12 more years to change things around, and that’s why 2023 is the year to improve your health, lose the excess kgs.
2. We have Rati Beauty Speed Slim Challenge: As we have mentioned above, 50% of people get off the weight loss wagon by February first week. This happens because they do not see any results by following fad diets or gymming. But with Rati Beauty Speed Slim Challenge, you get to see results in 6 weeks and it’s a sustainable diet with easy-to-follow diet plans that require you to eat nourishing food and just do basic walking. This is a plan that would fit your lifestyle – even if you are full-time working woman or a homemaker. And oh, lose weight safely on this diet plan too!
3. There’s More Focus on Leading a Healthy Lifestyle: We now realize how eating real food would help us improve our health. Rather than popping gimmicky fat-burning pills, the focus is now on eating nutrient-dense food and creating healthy habits.
4. You can Burn Calories Without Hitting the Gym: There’s no need to hit the gym with a vengeance, you can burn calories by being active and brisk walking. Find out how you can do it on Rati Beauty app.
5. You Can Lose Weight While Still Loving your Body: To lose weight, you have to first love your body, treat it with respect, and work on it to make it healthier, fitter, and better than the previous day. Do not punish your body for gaining excess weight, you have to be thankful for the million of things it does for you every single day. So, nourish it with good food, cut down processed food, and just be active.
6. You Now Understand the Importance of Good Sleep and Stress Management: Over the years, we have realized how stress and sleep deprivation can severely impact our health and triggering weight gain. Successful weight loss isn’t just about eating fewer calories, it’s also about getting at least 7 hours of sleep and finding effective ways to de-stress because experts say chronic stress and lack of sleep can lead to weight gain, most of it around the belly area!

Summing up, start the year on a good note, eat a healthy diet, exercise consistently, speak kindly to yourself – and your body will thank you in so many different ways. And also remember to subscribe to the Rati Beauty app for weight loss diet plans.

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